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Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review

Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review

What is the Cosatto 3sixti Highchair?

This Cosatto highchair is quite the looker – it has a pedestal design, and it comes in a variety of funky and fun colours. It has great ergonomic design – it’ll look good in your dining room, and your child will feel safe, secure and comfortable in the chair. It takes the name “360” from the fact that it swivels around – this is great because you can be sat at the table yourself and move the chair’s direction so feeding your child and yourself is easy and not a chore.

What are the features of a Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

  • 360° swivel chair with 6 positions for easy up-to-the-table feeding
  • Easy gas-lift with multiple height positions (seat height 45–62 cm)
  • 2-position recline backrest and dishwasher-safe 2-part tray
  • Super compact base and under-base roller for easy transportation
  • Includes 4-year guarantee when registered with CosattoCosatto 3sixti Highchair

What are the good points of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

The chair is quite sizeable. That means that your child can use it for a long time. Babies grow quickly, so having to replace a high chair several times can mean big expenses. The Cosatto highchair avoids that.

The pedestal design means that your pets and children are safer when not in the chair – highchairs tend to come with legs usually, which is a hazard for those with less motor control; chair legs are trip hazards, and where as a dining chair is reasonably strong, a lot of highchairs are not only trip risks, but topple risks – the Cosatto highchair avoids this.

The chair is comfortable. The seat and back are both made out of high quality material, which isn’t going to be hard on your child’s back or legs.

What are the bad points of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

The plastic clip on tray is not very durable. Parents know that children need items that will survive wear and tear, and the plastic tray included with the Cosatto highchair is not what we’d call solid in its construction.

In fact, the durability of the chair could be called into question – its construction leaves for a lot of potential faults. The chair is quite expensive, so many would expect design flaws such as flimsy connectors to be ironed out.

Finally, customer service at Cosatto could be better; their online portal is not regularly checked, and so you have to call a number to get any support – this costs the end user.

Should I buy a Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

This Cosatto highchair is a good choice for some of the more high-tech features it provides. However, if you do decide to purchase the Cosatto 3sixti, be aware that you might have to use the 4 year warranty that it boasts – children tend to break things, and the Cosatto does tend to be easily broken. However, if you don’t have any issues, the chair makes an ergonomic and aesthetic investment, and is incredibly comfortable for the child, which is the main goal of any highchair.