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Anapulse Fetal Heart Monitor

Anapulse Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor Review

One of the craziest, most beautiful and yet challenging times of your life is when you or your partner are expecting a child. You’re excited, nervous and a whole bundle of emotions at the same time. Every trip to the hospital, every kick and every other little moment during pregnancy will make the experience more intense.

Want something to increase that intensity?

Because the baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor From Anapulse will help you do exactly that.


Baby Heart Monitors

Baby heart monitors are ideal items to have when you’re expecting. They work like an ultrasound machine, but you don’t have to be a specialist nor go to a hospital to use them. Instead, you can use them to search for your baby’s heart beat and check that everything is going ok from the comfort of your own home, whenever your device is within a hand’s reach.

Better yet, you can use it to bond with your baby and your partner, helping to build a family environment long before you give birth to your latest family member.

A baby heart monitor like the Anapulse Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor will also give you something that you can’t buy: that’s peace of mind. With a baby heart monitor, you’re able to check that your baby is doing ok at any time of the day or night.


Features Of The Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor from Anapulse

  • Suitable for home or professional use
  • Displays Fetal Heart Rate On LCD display with back light
  • 3 modes – Real-time, averfaged and manual
  • 3Mhz Probe
  • Comes with a 250ml gel
  • Colour:Blue

Now that we have discussed the particulars and the reasons for buying, it’s time to take a look at our device in terms of an actual review of the product. This isn’t a sales pitch: It’s an honest list of pros and cons of the device given to us by real life, actual users of the product.

Fetal Heart Monitor


Let’s start with the good things.


Five Great Things About The Fetal heart monitor
  • The Anapulse fetal heart monitor is very loud. Whilst you might think that’s a problem, it’s actually great news. It means you can hear everything you want to nice and clearly.
  • This fetal heart monitor will give you peace of mind. We know that motherhood and/or fatherhood can be stressful, and we know waiting for it can be even more so. With a fetal heart monitor, you’re buying peace of mind. If you’re worried about a kick in the night, or not feeling your baby moving around as much, the fetal heart monitor will let you hear the baby’s heartbeat loud and clear. This will put your mind at rest – something which ordinarily money can’t buy.
  • This fetal heart monitor is The Anapulse fetal heart monitor will provide you safety and excitement (which we’ll discuss below)  and at a very low cost. It truly is a great addition to your expectant-parent basket.
  • The fetal heart monitor is great for building excitement. You want your pregnancy to be filled with wonderful moments and happiness. It’s good for the baby, and it’s good for you (and your partner!) This is achieved with the fetal heart monitor as you can turn each baby-progress update into an experience which you can hear and share. Also, the fetal heart monitor has the potential to make you and your partner closer. We know that pregnancy can sometimes feel isolating as each person adapts to their new role as father or mother. The heart monitor will mean that you can have a shared experience with each other as well as with the baby.

Fetal Heart Monitor Contents

Four Possible Issues With The Fetal Heart Doppler

  • It will take you a while to find baby with the fetal heart Doppler. Sometimes, it might take you an hour – especially if your baby is very young. This will get easier with time and practice though, so don’t worry too much.
  • Even though the fetal heart Doppler is great for finding baby, you have to remember that baby is building a life of its own! You might spend twenty minutes getting the fetal heart Doppler into the right place and position, only to have your future child decide to wander out of range again!
  • Regarding what we said above about your baby being young: the Anapulse fetal heart Doppler does say that it’ll work from as little as nine weeks pregnant. However, some users report that it didn’t work until fifteen weeks in. remember that every baby grows at a different rate, so you’ll find that the earliest available time is probably somewhere between nine and fifteen weeks. That said, if your fetal heart Doppler isn’t working earlier on in the pregnancy, it’s almost certainly nothing to worry about. We know you’re waiting expectantly, but you’ll be able to hear your baby soon enough!
  • Sometimes the Anapulse fetal heart Doppler screen can be temperamental when it comes to displaying the heart rate. Providing you can hear the heart rate, the screen should display, however sometimes the tracking mechanism doesn’t work quite so well as it should. That said, if you can hear the heartbeat, there’s nothing to worry about.




So much about parenthood is intangible. The feeling you get when you first feel the baby move. The feeling you get when you first feel the baby kick. Seeing your belly grow, or your partner’s belly grow as it supports a new human being. It’s magical. And a lot of things that the baby heart monitor provides are intangible: You get comfort, safety and the ability to bond with your baby before it is born.
Yet pregnancy is also about the tangible. It’s about creating a new person. It’s about seeing them for the first time, holding them and realising they’re real. With the baby monitor, you can hear your baby’s heart form inside you (or your partner.) That’s something incredibly real, and incredibly powerful.

Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review

Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review

What is the Cosatto 3sixti Highchair?

This Cosatto highchair is quite the looker – it has a pedestal design, and it comes in a variety of funky and fun colours. It has great ergonomic design – it’ll look good in your dining room, and your child will feel safe, secure and comfortable in the chair. It takes the name “360” from the fact that it swivels around – this is great because you can be sat at the table yourself and move the chair’s direction so feeding your child and yourself is easy and not a chore.

What are the features of a Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

  • 360° swivel chair with 6 positions for easy up-to-the-table feeding
  • Easy gas-lift with multiple height positions (seat height 45–62 cm)
  • 2-position recline backrest and dishwasher-safe 2-part tray
  • Super compact base and under-base roller for easy transportation
  • Includes 4-year guarantee when registered with CosattoCosatto 3sixti Highchair

What are the good points of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

The chair is quite sizeable. That means that your child can use it for a long time. Babies grow quickly, so having to replace a high chair several times can mean big expenses. The Cosatto highchair avoids that.

The pedestal design means that your pets and children are safer when not in the chair – highchairs tend to come with legs usually, which is a hazard for those with less motor control; chair legs are trip hazards, and where as a dining chair is reasonably strong, a lot of highchairs are not only trip risks, but topple risks – the Cosatto highchair avoids this.

The chair is comfortable. The seat and back are both made out of high quality material, which isn’t going to be hard on your child’s back or legs.

What are the bad points of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

The plastic clip on tray is not very durable. Parents know that children need items that will survive wear and tear, and the plastic tray included with the Cosatto highchair is not what we’d call solid in its construction.

In fact, the durability of the chair could be called into question – its construction leaves for a lot of potential faults. The chair is quite expensive, so many would expect design flaws such as flimsy connectors to be ironed out.

Finally, customer service at Cosatto could be better; their online portal is not regularly checked, and so you have to call a number to get any support – this costs the end user.

Should I buy a Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

This Cosatto highchair is a good choice for some of the more high-tech features it provides. However, if you do decide to purchase the Cosatto 3sixti, be aware that you might have to use the 4 year warranty that it boasts – children tend to break things, and the Cosatto does tend to be easily broken. However, if you don’t have any issues, the chair makes an ergonomic and aesthetic investment, and is incredibly comfortable for the child, which is the main goal of any highchair.


Chicco HighChair Review

This article is about the Chicco Polly High Chair. It contains a list of the features, good points, bad points and our opinion on whether you should buy the Chicco high chair.

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What is the Chicco Polly High Chair?

The Chicco Polly High Chair is a baby’s high chair creature by manufacturer Chicco. It’s a two-stage chair, which means this Chicco high chair is designed firstly for small children, and then it’s adaptable as they grow.Chicco high chairs

What are the features of a Chicco Polly High Chair?

  • Easy to use and open/close, operated from simple buttons on the side
  • Compact when closed
  • Adjustable seat to 7 height positions
  • 3 position reclining seat back rest
  • Footrest – adjustable for height and angle
  • 5-point restraint harness
  • Tray shape gives bigger surface and more room for baby.
  • Single handed tray control for the 3 positions, and removing
  • Includes food tray which clips to main tray
  • Safe easy fitting system to store tray on rear legs
  • Non scratching rubber feet and wheels
  • Suitable for children aged 6 months – 3 years


What are the good points of the Chicco Polly High Chair?

At £74.99 the Chicco high chair is a very affordable option. Some high chairs that we’ve reviewed have cost multiple hundreds of pounds, whereas the Chicco high char costs only £74.99, making it an affordable option.

It is a two stage high chair with a removable cushion. With most high chairs, you’ll either have a chair that is too small for older toddlers, or too large for tiny children. This allows for both, allowing therefore for a single purchase – which is great when you’re a new parent, because kids are expensive.

The cushion is made of a high quality material. This means that it’s comfortable for your child.

What are the bad points of the Chicco Polly High Chair?

It has a leg design that is really conducive to tripping a toddler over. Toddlers don’t have much motor control, as you’ll know if you’re a parent. When your tot starts walking, they’ll trip over most things. The Chicco high chair has four legs with a bar connecting each of the two front and back legs. This makes it pretty hazardous. The chair is also light in weight, so it will topple if tripped on.


It also has several nooks and crannies. This means that food can (and will!) slip down and get stuck. Obviously, this will have to be cleaned less it get mouldy. Unfortunately those same gaps mean that the Chicco high chair is quite difficult to clean. This is a negative that can’t be ignored.


Should I buy a Chicco Polly High Chair?

The Chicco Polly high chair is a great chair that’s affordable, durable and is comfortable for your child. However it does come with its downsides; it is difficult to clean, and yet cleaning it is necessary. Its lightweight, whilst handy for moving around, can be troublesome should it be toppled by your child. However, if you can overcome these difficulties, then the Chicco Polly high chair is an ideal high chair for babies.


Bloom Highchair Review

Bloom highchair Review

This article has been designed for anyone looking to buy a Bloom highchair, of get more information before deciding whether to buy a Baby Bloom highchair or another manufacturers offering of highchair.

What is the Bloom highchair?

It’s a baby highchair by Fresco. It is at the top end of costs for a baby’s highchair,a nd with the price comes a high quality chair that is super-sized and comes with a stainless steel tray and FDA approved plastic materials.

What are the features of a Bloom highchair?Baby highchair

  • Super-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray
  • FDA food-grade plastic and stainless steel trays; removable and dishwasher-safe
  • 360° swivel
  • Rigid centre T-bar strut for maximum strength and stability
  • Push-button, quick-release shoulder harness points allows pads and harness to be changed quickly


What are the good points of the Bloom highchair?

It looks great. It has a stylish design. It doesn’t take up too much space. In comparison to a lot of other baby highchairs, this one looks a lot more stylish, and would look better in your dining room than a lot of other highchairs.

It’s got a pedestal design. This is a great design, because when you have a toddler wandering around, excess chair legs can be a hindrance. They are hazards which your baby can trip on. Because highchairs don’t tend to be as heavy as regular dining chairs, this means that not only are they trip hazards – they are also topple hazards.

The Baby Bloom HighChair is also comfortable. This is important with any highchair, as keeping your child in one can be a struggle at the best of times – if it’s uncomfortable, it’s even more difficult and less practical. Luckily, the baby bloom highchair isn’t uncomfortable, which means your child should be able to sit in it for the duration of the meal time.

What are the bad points of the Bloom highchair?

There is one major fault that the Baby Bloom highchair has – it has nooks inside the design which mean that food can get dropped (and will get dropped – children are messy eaters) and stuck inside the cushioning in the chair. This can lead to mould, so it’s a potential hazard.

Because of the small gaps in the cushion, this is also quite a difficult highchair to clean. The Baby Bloom should be easier to clean – after all, it’s designed for babies and toddlers; all products should be easy to clean when the users are only between 6 months and two years old.

The Baby Bloom is also very highly priced. Compared to competitors, it is expensive, and some might argue that the quality doesn’t justify the cost.

Should I buy a Bloom highchair?

The Baby Bloom highchair is a high quality, but expensive piece of baby equipment. It is a large size, which is necessary as the cost prohibits buying a chair as your child gets older.


Fetal Doppler Review

When it comes to your pregnancy, there’s nothing more reassuring than being able to listen to the heartbeat of your unborn using a fetal doppler, right in the comfort of your own home. That’s what the Sonoline Fetal Doppler heart monitor lets you do.

The added advantage is that you can get some great bonding time with your partner, as you both sit down, relax and listen to your baby’s movements, heartbeat and hear every whimper as he/she moves around, letting you know that everything’s all good and the pregnancy is going smooth.

Fetal Doppler Review

There’s a couple of differences you need to note though, before getting a Sonoline Fetal Doppler.The Sonoline A Fetal

fetal dopplerDoppler uses a probe with a 2MHz probe, comes with the standard 250ml of ultrasound gel, but doesn’t have the LCD display screen.

Both the Fetal Doppler heart monitor probes can be used from as early as 12 weeks, although looking at some Sonoline B Fetal Doppler reviews, from soon to be parents, the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler heart monitor has worked tremendously well from as early as 9 and a half weeks.

This will probably be down to the increased MHz in the sound probe. The Sonoline B Fetal heart monitor has a 3MHz sound probe, an increase from the  2 MHz in the A model.

Which one is the best fetal heart monitor ?

Overall the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler reviews note this to be a better choice than the A model. One of the problems encountered on the A model is for those who are expecting twins.

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For that, you need a Fetal Doppler that can give you an onscreen display of the babys heartbeats, as it’s difficult, if not impossible to count them. The backlit LCD display on the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler takes care of that, and gives you an accurate reading of the babys heartbeat.

What’s in the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler ?

Super simple as right out the box, everything’s included and will be up and running in minutes.

You get the following included:

  • 2 x Kodak AA batteries
  • 1 x 3MHZ sound probe
  • 1 x Fetal Doppler Sonoline B Fetal heart monitor (with Backlit LCD Display screen)
  • 1 x 250 ml ultrasound gel

Just insert the batteries into the main unit, apply some ultrasound gel, and the use the probe to find your babys heartbeat.fetal doppler

Why buy the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler ?

All other Sonoline B Fetal Doppler reviews indicate that this unit works tremendously fast at picking up the FHR. (Fetal heart rate.) often in less than 60 seconds. Typically around 15 – 20 seconds, but the first time you use it, it may take longer.

Once you get to know where your baby normally lies around, you’ll be able to find the heartbeat quicker, each time you use it.

It uses the same technology used by midwives for years, to detect the FHR of your baby, using the high and safe 3MHz ultrasound frequency and then displaying that clearly for you to see on the backlit LCD display.

Once you see the FHR is around 150 BPM, you’ll feel instantly calmer knowing your baby’s heart is beating perfectly normal.

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Good Points of Sonoline B Fetal Dopper

  • Gives couples exceptional bonding time
  • Completely relaxes you and your partner when you both know for sure that your baby is growing healthily
  • Gives you the ability to connect to your computer, record the sound and playback anytime you want to, and/or even send the sound recording to other members of your family.
  • Fast at picking up your babys heartbeat
  • Listen to it via headphones or connect via an AUX cable to listen to it on loudspeaker.
  • You can hear everything clearly as your baby moves around. Hiccups, movements, heartbeats, and kicks. You can record them all with the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler heart monitor.
  • You’ll need a full bladder to speed up the time it takes to find your babys heartbeat
  • You can find you become more anxious if you can’t find the heartbeat fast.

Bad Points of Sonoline B Fetal Dopper

  • You’ll need a full bladder to speed up the time it takes to find your babys heartbeat
  • You can find you become more anxious if you can’t find the heartbeat fast.

The Sonoline B Fetal Doppler is definitely the heart monitor of choice for ease of use, sound clarity, ability to record the sounds, play on loudspeaker, and give you and your partner some quality family bonding time together.

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fetal doppler fits in your pocket

In fact, you might find it becomes somewhat of an obsession, sitting listening as your baby moves around, hiccups for the first time, hearing them move around, and all the other sounds that your Fetal Doppler will let you hear.

Monitor your Baby’s heart

Since the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler heart monitor uses the 3MHz ultrasound waves, you can be sure you’re going to be minimizing your worries by picking up your babys heartbeat in the fastest time possible. Putting you and your partners mind at rest, when you’re between your check up appointments.

You can listen to your baby anytime you need that peace of mind, knowing that your baby is perfectly healthy for the remaining 6 or 7 months of your pregnancy, and you’ll have those precious sound recordings to last a lifetime too.

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High Chair Reviews

High Chair Reviews

A high chair may not be the first purchase that an expectant mum makes but it is one that will be needed sooner than you think. Before you know it your little one will be on solid foods and will need his or her own station in which to eat them safely. A high chair is an essential item and a necessary purchase for any expectant parents.

Babybjorn Highchair

What is a High Chair For?

A high chair is literally a high-up chair that is designed for babies to sit in. They are too young to sit by themselves in adult chairs so the high chair provides support and stops them from falling out.

It is high so that the child can be at the same level as the parents when they’re sitting at the table. The high chair on the right is a babybojrn and it is one of the top-end high chairs. This will be in our highchairs review section.

This makes it easier to feed the baby and means that you don’t have to stoop down all the time. The whole point of high chairs is to ensure that the baby can eat in a safe and comfortable environment.

High Chair Review Features

Basic high chairs will come with a simple seat on high legs and straps to restrain the child. Though these do not have a lot of features they are still ideal at doing what they do which is keeping your baby secure while eating.

Cosatto Highchair

However, there are a number of other features that come with more innovative high chairs.We will look at these in our best high chair reviews. Whether you want them or not depends on your needs and that of your baby’s, plus your budget. Here are a few common high chair extras.

  • Padded seat
  • Tray
  • Removable tray
  • Seat cover
  • Attached toys
  • Convertible high chair: can be made into a toddler chair as baby grows older
  • Adjustable seat
  • Wheels

How much does High Chair cost?

No one can deny it, having a baby is expensive. A high chair is one of the larger purchases you’ll need to make, but luckily it is not one of the most expensive. Generally, high chairs range in price from as little as £10 to over £200.We are here to save you money why not have a look at our highchair reviews which covers a range of features.

Name & ModelCosatto 3Sixti HighchairChicco Polly HighchairBloom Fresco Highchair
Suitable for Agesfrom 6 monthsfrom 6 months to around 3 yearscan be used until your child is 6 or 7 years
PostionsSix-position 360 degree swivel for 'up-to-the-table' feedingthree recline positions360° swivel
Height SettingsEasy gas lift to multiple height positionsSeven different Height Adjustmentseasily adjusted, with an easy-lift, pneumatic assisted system which allows for infinite positions
Removeable Food trayTwo removable, washable trays with three positionsYSuper-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray
Padded SeatYYN
Other FeaturesSuper compact base and under-base roller for easy transportationCompact and Free Standing when foldedRigid center T-bar strut for maximum strength and stability
Warranty4 year1 year1 year
ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Benefits of High Chairs

There are several benefits to high chairs for feeding your baby, find out the best ones below.

  • Safety – Instead of trying to balance a wriggly young baby or toddler on an adult chair to eat you can put them in  a high chair to keep them secure. Not only do high chairs have leg holes, they also have straps, very like seat belts, to hold children in. This means that you can be sure your baby won’t fall out.

Baby Highchair by Highchair

  • Height – They’re not called high chairs for nothing. The height of the chair allows the child to sit at the table with you. This is ideal if you are eating at the same time and means that the baby is on level with you and that you don’t have to bend down to feed them.
  • Posture – A high chair will help your child learn how to sit properly. Until now your baby hasn’t been in a chair that they’re able to support themselves in. The high chair provides them with the support and lets babies learn how to sit up properly.
  • Coordination – As you baby gets older and can feed themselves a high chair will help them learn hand-eye coordination. This is because they can feed themselves using a spoon and a bowl placed on the tray in front of them.
  • Interaction – The height of the chair allows the child to be on a level with the parents. This is not only good for you but also for your child; they can see what you are doing and interact with you while they’re eating. They will start to pick up on table manners and other necessities.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning a high chair is so much easier than trying to clean a table once your baby has thrown their food around. High chairs usually come with wipe clean seats and a lot have removable trays that are very easy to clean.

The average price for a high chair is around £50. It is sizeable but not the most expensive purchase you’ll make. You may be able to get second hand high chairs for a lot less money.Read our highchair reviews to find the right chair for your baby.

Baby Walker Reviews

Baby Walker Reviews

In this article we are going to cover the basic features of baby walker which are used to help  babies to walk around you home and increase their lower body strength. Over the next few months we intend review many different baby walkers to help parents decide which walker is the best for their baby.

A Baby walker is  ideal for babies upwards of about five months old. They allow babies to wheel themselves around with their feet and they keep babies entertained. Though not an essential purchase for a baby, a baby walker is a great item to get if you can spare the money and want to keep your little one entertained and interactive.

A baby walker is, put simply, a frame on wheels which you can strap your baby into. The child can then walk or move themselves using their feet. Baby walker reviews are great for babies who can’t yet walk as it allows them to use their feet and be mobile.

All the time they will be held up by the walker and supported by the straps so they will be safe from falling over.

What is a Baby Walker For?

Baby Walker First Steps by VTech

A lot of baby walkers have toys or play stations attached, this is so the baby can walk but also entertain themselves at the same time.

Some of the baby walker reviews you will notice that features vary due to the different shapes and size they come.

They keep babies active and interested with minimum input from the parent. They’re ideal if you want to keep baby entertained while you’re busy.

Basic baby walkers are simply frames with wheels. They also have safety straps so your baby will be secure.

Baby Walker Features

However, most bay walkers have a number of other features, they are for safety, entertainment and decoration. Check them out below.

  • Safety features to prevent the baby from banging into walls or falling down stairs, such as locking wheels, friction strips and rubber stoppers
  • Attached tray
  • Attached toys
  • Padded seat
  • Collapsible baby walker for ease of storage and transportation
  • Adjustable seat
  • Wipe clean
  • Bouncing options

How much do Baby Walkers Cost?

When reading baby walker review you will notice that a walker can be  one of the more expensive baby purchases, but for the amount of entertainment they provide and the ease of use they are usually worth it. They tend to range in price from around £20 to over £100.

Red Kite Baby Walker

The average price for a baby walker with a tray or toys attached is around £30 to £40. It’s a great item to ask for as a baby shower or birthday present as it is not an essential but it is great fun and very useful. Look out for our best baby walkers to find a wide range of prices.

Do Baby Walkers Help Babies Learn How to Walk?

It used to be believed that putting your child in a baby walker did help them learn to walk as they mimicked the walking motion. However, recent studies have found that this is not true; babies can’t see their feet in baby walkers or place them properly on the floor.

Benefits of Baby Walkers

While it’s been found that baby walkers don’t help babies learn how to walk, there are many other benefits of baby walkers.

  • Movement – Baby walkers are used for babies who can’t quite walk yet. This means that the baby has the illusion of walking without actually being able to. It allows them to be mobile and get around the house or room with ease. Look at our baby walker reviews to find the best baby movement walker.
  • Entertainment – As well as allowing them to move, which keeps babies entertained for a long time, most baby walkers also come with an activity station or toys attached. At the very least they usually have trays on the front which you can place toys on.Tidlo Baby Walker
  • These keep the child entertained while they’re on the move. Also, if they want to be still for a while, they can stop and play with the toys. This makes baby walkers very versatile toys for young children.
  • Help for parents – A baby walker is ideal for a child of busy parents. A baby walker can keep children entertained for a long time, what with the movement and the interactive toys. This means that you can get on with work or any chores you need to do while the child entertains themselves. Just make sure the child is always somewhere in your eyesight.

These are important ways that babies learn, along with watching other people walk and copying them. Baby walkers are still great toys for young children; they let them be mobile while keeping them entertained, but don’t rely on them to teach your child how to walk.

Tomy Baby Monitor Review

Following your pregnancy, your mind is going to be racing with worry about your baby. That’s why you’ll want to invest in the best safety equipment you can find, to give you ultimate peace of mind, knowing your baby is always safe around the home.

With a Tomy baby monitor, you can rely on the 20+ years of experience, that’s gone into a range of Tomy baby monitors, to bring you the technology that’s designed for parents, by parents.

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Tomy Baby Monitor

There’s nothing can beat the satisfaction from having peace of mind, and that’s exactly what this Tomy baby monitor is designed to do.

The needs of every parent surveyed, has always suggested that ease of use is a main factor in deciding which baby monitor is right for them. It may be for you too.

The thing with a Tomy baby monitor is that you get everything you need, minus the stuff you don’t. Things like cameras can be an advantage for some parents, but what you really need is to be alerted to any sounds your baby makes, and not necessarily sit and watch every movement your baby makes.

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The Tomy digital baby monitor gives you everything you need, without the added extras that can actually be the downfall of some units. Such as the picture quality and interference. Keeping things minimal to the things you ONLY need, are what makes the Tomy baby monitor ideal for reliability and longevity. That said, there are a few neat features rolled into the Tomy digital baby monitor, to enhance your nursing days.

The contents you get included:

    • tomy baby monitor box
  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 1 x Tomy baby monitor battery pack – 850mAh 2.4V Ni-MH
  • 1 x Docking station
  • 1 x Baby unit
  • 2 x Mains power adaptors
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet
  • 1 x Quick start guide

The fast set up instruction leaflet is a blessing for you as a new parent. The last thing you’ll want is to try to get to grips with complicated technical jargon. This is straight to the point, easy to understand and gives an illustrative picture overview of getting the baby and parent unit set up fast.

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The key features and tech specs of the Tomy baby monitor, at a glance:Both the Tomy baby monitor and the parent unit use icons to display what the buttons are for, making it super simple to get it set up in an instant.tomy baby monitor

  • Ultimate performance baby monitor guarantees superior sound quality
  • DECT technology with 100% privacy guaranteed
  • Includes sound level light display, room temperature LCD display and out of range alarm
  • Features soft night light with choice of colours and two way talkback to help soothe baby to sleep
  • Includes a speaker docking station for richer sounds and rechargeable parent unit with a timer to help keep track of those night time feeds
  • Item Weight:     880 g

The nightlight is magnificent and gives you a range of rainbow colours, making it super cosy and relaxing to sit in your babys nursery, with the lights dimmed or off, nursing them to sleep with the cosy lighting coming from the Tomy baby monitor. Simply set it to a constant colour or let it randomly change through a programmed sequence of slowly moving soft lighting that will relax you and your baby.tomy baby monitors

Good Points of  Tomy Baby Monitor

  • 120 different channels to guarantee minimal interference – The most channels of any Tomy baby monitor
  • Automatic connection between parent and baby unit
  • Longest range of 350 metres so perfect for large homes
  • Low battery warning
  • Out of range warning
  • Docking station provided to charge parent unit, ready to be taken anywhere with you
  • Extra speaker provided to amplify the sound if need be
  • Sound sensitive light display so it works with the sound on mute
  • Handy 2-way communication feature
  • LCD temperature display
  • Timer is particular handy to let you know when you need to make fresh bottles
  • Night light can be operated from both parent and the baby unit
  • As the unit is portable, there’s a slick pager function to help you find it if you misplace it.

For a Tomy baby monitor that looks as though there’s not much to it on the surface, there’s quite a few neat features packed into it. Temperature monitoring, warning alarms, soft lighting sequences, feeding timers, amplifiers and all the other handy things that make it among the best of the Tomy baby monitors available.

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Bad Points of Tomy Baby Monitors

  • The charging unit is known to have a loose connection, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it occasionally just to make sure it is actually charging
  • No video or camera functionality

Final Say

As a new parent, you’ll sure benefit from the minimal technical features on the Tomy digital baby monitor. Unlike other Tomy baby monitors, you can simply set it up almost instantly and let the unit select the best frequency for your home.

tomy baby monitors

With crisp, sharp, and clear sound quality, you can soothe your baby with the 2 way talk system incorporated into the unit, while you head up stairs to tend to your baby.

The Tomy baby monitor is designed to give every parent complete peace of mind, with minimum fuss. The portability of the parent unit is splendid and works for longer than any of the other Tomy baby monitors, giving you a 350-metre range, (50 metres more than the Tomy classic baby monitor) in ideal conditions. Even for homes with thicker internal walls, the range is still superb.

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Leapfrog Baby Monitor Review

For parents of young ones, finding the best baby monitor for your needs is something that can take some time to find. This is why the Leapfrog baby monitor has many features that aren’t included with it, making it more reliable, resilient, and perhaps the best baby monitor you’ll find, which doesn’t give you the gimmicks of video surveillance, lullabies, night-lights and other features that can contribute to your baby monitor breaking down.

Leapfrog Baby Monitor Review

The list above doesn’t sound like much, but it really is the minimalist technology that makes the Leapfrog brand stand out as one of the best baby monitor choices for you.

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There are times when a cheap baby monitor does exactly what you need it to do, and for parents to find the best baby monitor, you need to consider your main reasons for requiring one.

leapfrog baby monitor

Every baby monitor should be able to deliver on that, but what you really need is sound clarity. Both audio and visually, and that’s where the Leapfrog baby monitor excels.

Granted, you can’t see your baby but as a cheap baby monitor, you won’t find an 8 mega-pixel camera or a video baby monitor with multi-channel frequencies. These are things that require a great deal more technology put into them. The more tech there is, the more chance there is that the unit could be prone to breaking.

Features to consider

  • Audio sensor
  • Digital sound clarity and security
  • Visual sound indication and alert
  • Five level digital volume control
  • Soft nightlight on baby unit
  • Range – 50m indoors, – 300m outdoors in ideal conditions

Among the consumer reviews for the Leapfrog baby monitor, one thing stands out and that’s that this is the best baby monitor for reliability and the quality of the sound.

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The sound quality is excellent on both the low and the high volume settings. If you’ve a standalone lullaby player in the nursery, the unit is intelligent enough to know the difference between the soft sounds of some music in the background.

It will lower the sound distribution of that noise being transferred from the baby unit to the parent unit. For the sounds you need to hear, like your baby crying…that will be distinctly heard through the parent unit. You’ll hear your baby before any other background noise in the room.

leapfrog baby monitor

Best Baby Monitor Reviews

  • No background noise
  • No interference – just the sounds of your baby you need to hear
  • It has a battery backup in case of a power outage
  • Can be set up for use in seconds
  • Clear sound on low and high volume settings
  • No fancy gimmicks, just designed as a sound monitor with little that can break down
  • Excellent value for a cheap baby monitor, as it’s not got cameras or video, with excellent sound clarity
  • Beeping alert when the signal goes out of range
  • Sensitivity is perfect and will differentiate between crying and kicking, which is something you’ll only find from the best baby monitor on the market
  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes complete with a handy carry bag, allowing you take it on the go with you.

The background noise on baby monitors can be annoying at times. The minimum frequencies, combined with the sound functions, make it a tremendous choice to hear the things you need to, and minimize the noise you don’t need to hear.

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The parent unit can be muted, when you can use the red and blue lights to distinguish the noise level from your baby, and know immediately, when you tend to your baby.

The unit is portable and lightweight, so you can carry it around the house or even into the garden with you, and hear your baby the instant they need your attention.

leapfrog baby monitor base station

Both units are powered with AA batteries so you don’t get as long a use out of them, but they’re definitely easily replaceable when they’re running low.

Why it may not be the best baby monitor for you?

  • Not the best baby monitor to use in houses structured with thick walls, as the frequencies won’t work
  • Note that this particular Leapfrog baby monitor does not come with the night light and built in lullabies to calm your baby. There’s no bells and whistles on this monitor. It will let you hear your baby clearly throughout the house, but there’s no extra perks.
  • Sound deteriorates when your outdoors.
  • Lights can become unreliable as after a while some people find they eventually just continuously blink, regardless of the noise level.

Overall summary of the Leapfrog baby monitor

For the best baby monitor that lets you hear the sounds you need to from your baby’s room, and minimize the background noise, the Leapfrog baby monitor is ideal. It’s also perfect for covering a long range, letting you get the most portability from your units. With easy to replace batteries, and built for longevity, there’s certainly no issues with the sturdy build and reliability of the Leapfrog baby monitor, making it one of the best baby monitor choices for most households.

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Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor Review

For those of you with a larger house, or even a long garden, and your baby’s nursery on the upper floor, there’s nothing going to be more important in your safety equipment than having the power to monitor your baby from anywhere in the house.

That’s what the Angelcare AC1100 monitor is designed to do. Boasting a long distance range of 200 metres, it’s ideal for the larger home, long running garden and comes with over 60 channels preset (with auto channel select, to find you the best frequency with minimal interference).

Angelcare AC1100

Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor Review

Here’s the main features of the Angelcare AC1100 monitor

  • Movement sensor
  • 3-in-1 baby monitor displays HD video of baby and detects sound and movement.
  • Crystal clear transmission
  • Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad – Alarm sounds if baby is still for 20 seconds
  • Portable rechargeable parent unit
  • Talk back function
  • Item Weight: 1.9 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 11.5 x 27.5 cm
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Standing screen display size: 2.75 inches

Things are starting to look better at this point. So next on the agenda is to find out how easy it is to use the Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor.

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It is actually fairly simple to get it up and operational. The full instructions are set out in a user-friendly way to help you get the unit set up. The position of the camera can be tricky when you’re attaching it to a cot, so you can watch your baby on the Angelcare AC1100 video movement & sound monitor, to detect even the slightest of movements, look at the monitor and be sure that everything’s fine.

Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor with Pan/Tilt Function

What would be better is if the Angelcare AC1100 monitor came with a tripod stand. Many parents who use this, find that attaching the unit to the tripod gives a better coverage and ability to zoom and angle the camera around.

Unfortunately, the Angelcare AC1100 monitor doesn’t come included with a tripod, so you may be best to invest in one of those, for ease of using the camera.

Angelcare AC1100 touchscreen

All that aside though, there’s plenty of positive aspects you’ll find with the baby monitor Angelcare AC1100 unit.

What we like about the Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor

  • Full HD video baby monitor
  • HD 15 FPS camera for picture clarity
  • Movement detection
  • Sound detection
  • Can clip to your belt for portability
  • Baby monitor can be zoomed 100% and you can remotely move the camera from the parent unit
  • Digital touch screen lets you control everything on the baby monitor right from the parent unit
  • 2.4GHz sound transmission gives sound clarity
  • More than 60 channels to find a frequency that’s perfect for your home (auto selects the best)
  • Under the mattress sensor pad included to detect your babys movements
  • 20 second no-movement alarm
  • Variable sensitivity settings
  • Long range of 200 metres
  • Adjustable sound levels
  • Has a halo on the baby monitor which acts as a cosy nightlight
  • Both units can be operated with mains or batteries

As you can see with the baby monitor Angelcare AC1100 there’s a lot of factors been considered in the design of the product.

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Things to lookout in the Angelcare Ac1100

Everything can be controlled from the main parent unit, without you having to take a trip upstairs or into the nursery to adjust the volume or the brightness. In fact, there’s even a night vision on the Angelcare AC1100 monitor that will switch automatically on dependent on the light conditions.Angelcare Ac1100 Baby

One of the other things that’s highly commendable on the Angelcare AC1100 monitor is that it uses preset channels, and plenty of them. Scans itself automatically and finds the best channel for you, minimizing the interference.

Giving you the option to tweak the sound, movement and video settings, all from the parent unit is something that’s been improved on from previous models. The Angelcare AC1100 video movement & sound baby monitor gives you the option to tweak every setting .

Good/Bad Points of the Baby Video Monitor

  • Battery life lasts up to 8 hours on full charge
  • Can take quite a few tweaks until you find the right sensitivity settings that will work for your needs
  • Thicker internal wall structures will deteriorate the sound quality
  • Tricky to position and would be better suited to a tripod stand. That’s not included with the Angelcare AC1100 video movement & sound baby monitor
  • Only comes with one charging cradle, with no option to purchase additional. Would be better to have one for the baby monitor and the parent unit
  • Zoom function only gives 2 options. Wide or close, so that would be better if there was more options

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With most baby monitoring units, you do get a longer charge than the 8 hours provided by the Angelcare AC1100 monitor. Most can go from 10 – 12 hours, so that could be a bit longer.angelcare movement dection

With only 1 charging cradle, you’re going to have to charge the both units separately, which can be an inconvenience. All it would take is for Angelcare to release charging cradles for separate purchase to address this.

Final Say on the Angelcare Ac1100 Baby Video Monitor

It’s the perfect solution for monitoring your baby’s every move. From hearing every sound they make, being alerted when there’s movement in the cot or crib and the ability to tweak the settings to your desired level, makes the Angelcare AC1100 monitor an ideal solution for many a parent.

Given the drawback of homes, which have thicker internal wall structures, you’ll need to consider that as it will affect the range you get with baby monitor.

Asides from that, the baby monitor Angelcare AC1100 model, gives you the ability to monitor your baby’s room via the video monitor, hear the sounds your baby makes and know when they’re awake and need you to tend to them.

The Angelcare AC1100 monitor gives you complete peace of mind that your baby is safe in the comfort of their cot/crib in the nursery or bedroom, and it’s something you’ll benefit from tremendously.

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