Baby Monitor Reviews

Having a Baby Monitor helps regain your freedom and provides a sense security which you may have been missing since the arrival of your newborn baby. Being   sleep deprived parent a baby monitor gives me a peace of mind and chance to do other things without worrying about the baby. Read our simple baby monitor reviews to find the best baby monitors on the market.They’re helpful to let you know the pro and cons to each of the baby monitors you’re considering.

Many new parents couldn’t imagine a life without a monitor. A baby monitor lets you hear every gurgle,cry or movement when your baby is different part of the home. Many of these units tend to vary from model to model and they have a min of two units. One unit will be placed where your child tends to sleeps. This unit will pick up and transmit sounds or video to the parent unit which should be near you.

Baby Monitor Reviews

Lets take a look at the features you will want make sure you get the best baby monitor for you and your newborn.

All our baby monitor reviews are extensively researched, collated into one easy to use site, and aim to assist you finding the best baby monitoring equipment for your needs.

When it comes to buying a baby theirs no right or wrong choice when it comes to baby monitors but if you are going to spend your hard earned you will want to choose something that will have features that will benefit you and your child.Some parents are happy to get a simple monitor that lets them hear their baby cry when he wakes but if you’re looking for a monitor with video or sensor pad.

Baby Monitor Reviews Angelcare AC401

Type of Baby Monitor

When in comes to baby monitors their are 2 types which you will need to decide from which is pretty straightforward either you want a audio monitor or video baby monitor.Weather you choose video or audio both types operate via frequency band to transmit sound from a baby’s room to a receiver in another room.

Audio Baby Monitor 

Audio baby monitors come in two types analogue or DECT which offer different types of transmission of audio.A Analogue baby monitor send signals in straight  but is usually used on cheaper baby monitors and widely available.

A  analogue monitors generally use 49 mhz or 900 range and they may even sound like a radio channel because analog attracts lot of static noise from devices that are nearby.

Digital Monitors encode the signal between the child unit and parent unit making it nearly impossible for any sounds to be heard by others. Whereas analogue can be intercepted and any sounds can be heard by different devices that may operate on the same frequency.

While reading baby monitor reviews you will notice that many devices are portable but you may need to make sure you are purchase a portable monitor as some of the cheap ones are only mains powered making them less portable.

Name & ModelAngelcare AC401BT Baby Monitor 250Tommee Tippee  
Angelcare AC401 Baby MonitorBT 250 front viewTomme Tippee Digital Baby Monitor
Battery Life (hrs)878
No of Channels81120
Sound Detection indicatorYYY
Two way talk back NYY
Temperature DisplayYYY
Night LightYYY
Other FeaturesVibration alert
Under-the-mattress SensorPad
Free Travel BagSensor Pad
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
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Baby Monitor Reviews Key Features

One of the key features you will want to consider among all our baby monitors reviews is the range of each of them. With the Tomy baby monitor being the most reliable for long distance range, and the Leapfrog baby monitor tending to struggle with some of the older Victorian houses, which have a thicker wall structure, the baby monitor reviews will indicate how each model performs in terms of the range they cover. Baby Monitor Reviews

Range – One of the most important question to ask yourself when buying any device is the range going to meet your needs ? also looking at the type of property you live may affect how your monitor works because thick walls often pose a problem.Video baby monitors are prone to suffer more with range problems than the audio only versions.

Battery Life– With a video unit you are going to be eating up more of the battery because of the video display.Some devices have features built in to help you save battery life they will even go into standby mode for the parent device and reactivate on any child movement or sound.Many are equipped with a battery indicator but some cheaper models don’t have this.

Temperature Display– Room Temperature is important indicator as newborns need to kept in a room that has recommended range which is between 16C and 20C  and the best way to monitor this can be from your device. When you read our baby monitor reviews you will be able to identify which monitors have this function.

Talk-To-Baby– This allows to communicate back to your baby your the monitor and it can be good feature as it allows to reassure your baby.

Lullabies – Many parents find this useful as it can soothe a child to sleep but personal you’ll soon start to hate this as its the same tune again and again.During our baby monitor reviews we have had to listen to many of these lullabies and they still ring in our head.

Video Monitors

Video monitor technology  has come far from a black and white images to full crisp clear video. These video units usually come with a small camera that you put in your child’s room and it allow you to watch and hear your baby while they sleep.Many of the baby video monitors now come with different features such as night vision,zoom and even offer live streaming of your baby’s over the internet or even keep an eye through your tablet.

These are often baby video monitors that let you see how your baby is doing in real-time. As your child grows, you can extend the baby monitors to have cameras in different locations around your home. Many of the video baby monitor reviews indicate these are extremely handy for when your baby becomes a toddler and starts to move around the house. You can simply use the portable parent unit to see and hear everything your child is up to, anytime you need to know.Baby Monitor Reviews Motorola MBP30

While is may sound similar to CCTV camera but video monitors offer comfort and peace of mind a audio baby monitors can’t. One of the drawbacks of baby video monitors is they are power-hungry and some don’t have a long as its audio counterpart.

Lets discuss key features of video baby  monitors before we mention these you will want to read our Audio section above so you understand the audio features in baby video monitor.

Night Vision– During the  late evenings you will require night vision which will help you monitor you child in the dark.Night vision won’t be perfect as the daylight picture but you will get a good enough image of the environment.

Multi-Camera– Some video baby monitors allow to pair multiple devices with your parent device so you monitor more than one child.

Top 3 Video baby Monitors

We have reviewed 3 top baby video monitors which seem to be popular with parents who want reliability and ease of use .

Name & ModelMotorola MBP36
Angelcare Ac 1100BT 1000 
Motorola Baby MonitorAngelcare AC1100BT 1000 Video Baby Monitor
Range 150M200M300M
Screen Size2.4 inch2.75inch2.8inch
Max Number of Cameras414
Pan & TiltYYN
Night VisionYYY
Video RecordingNNN
Two-Way TalkYYY
Battery Life (hr)2hrs8hrs6hrs
Signal IndicatorYYY
LullabiesY5 Lullabies
Volume ControlsYY
ReviewRead Our ReviewRead Our Review
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Smartphone Based Baby Monitor

Some of the recent models of baby monitors are starting to ship with features that allow you to monitor your baby through an app on your iDevice or android device. While this might sound great but you may have to pay heavy premium to get a decent and reliable device that does this job sufficiently. In our next set of baby monitor reviews will we will look at these models and help you decide if they are worth the extra pounds.Best Baby Monitor Review

Other Features of Baby Monitor Reviews

Other notable features on baby video monitor you may want to look out for is wifi which allows you to feed your video through your router and also its required if you decide to buy a baby monitor that interacts with your smartphone.

When you’re shopping online, a great way to tell if you’re getting the best baby monitors for your needs, is to use the baby monitor reviews that are online. They’re helpful to let you know the ups and downs to each of the baby monitors you’re considering.