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On 28/04/2013
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LCD temperature gauge, long range of 350 metres

Following your pregnancy, your mind is going to be racing with worry about your baby. That’s why you’ll want to invest in the best safety equipment you can find, to give you ultimate peace of mind, knowing your baby is always safe around the home.

With a Tomy baby monitor, you can rely on the 20+ years of experience, that’s gone into a range of Tomy baby monitors, to bring you the technology that’s designed for parents, by parents.

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Tomy Baby Monitor

There’s nothing can beat the satisfaction from having peace of mind, and that’s exactly what this Tomy baby monitor is designed to do.

The needs of every parent surveyed, has always suggested that ease of use is a main factor in deciding which baby monitor is right for them. It may be for you too.

The thing with a Tomy baby monitor is that you get everything you need, minus the stuff you don’t. Things like cameras can be an advantage for some parents, but what you really need is to be alerted to any sounds your baby makes, and not necessarily sit and watch every movement your baby makes.

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The Tomy digital baby monitor gives you everything you need, without the added extras that can actually be the downfall of some units. Such as the picture quality and interference. Keeping things minimal to the things you ONLY need, are what makes the Tomy baby monitor ideal for reliability and longevity. That said, there are a few neat features rolled into the Tomy digital baby monitor, to enhance your nursing days.

The contents you get included:

    • tomy baby monitor box
  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 1 x Tomy baby monitor battery pack – 850mAh 2.4V Ni-MH
  • 1 x Docking station
  • 1 x Baby unit
  • 2 x Mains power adaptors
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet
  • 1 x Quick start guide

The fast set up instruction leaflet is a blessing for you as a new parent. The last thing you’ll want is to try to get to grips with complicated technical jargon. This is straight to the point, easy to understand and gives an illustrative picture overview of getting the baby and parent unit set up fast.

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The key features and tech specs of the Tomy baby monitor, at a glance:Both the Tomy baby monitor and the parent unit use icons to display what the buttons are for, making it super simple to get it set up in an instant.tomy baby monitor

  • Ultimate performance baby monitor guarantees superior sound quality
  • DECT technology with 100% privacy guaranteed
  • Includes sound level light display, room temperature LCD display and out of range alarm
  • Features soft night light with choice of colours and two way talkback to help soothe baby to sleep
  • Includes a speaker docking station for richer sounds and rechargeable parent unit with a timer to help keep track of those night time feeds
  • Item Weight:     880 g

The nightlight is magnificent and gives you a range of rainbow colours, making it super cosy and relaxing to sit in your babys nursery, with the lights dimmed or off, nursing them to sleep with the cosy lighting coming from the Tomy baby monitor. Simply set it to a constant colour or let it randomly change through a programmed sequence of slowly moving soft lighting that will relax you and your baby.tomy baby monitors

Good Points of  Tomy Baby Monitor

  • 120 different channels to guarantee minimal interference – The most channels of any Tomy baby monitor
  • Automatic connection between parent and baby unit
  • Longest range of 350 metres so perfect for large homes
  • Low battery warning
  • Out of range warning
  • Docking station provided to charge parent unit, ready to be taken anywhere with you
  • Extra speaker provided to amplify the sound if need be
  • Sound sensitive light display so it works with the sound on mute
  • Handy 2-way communication feature
  • LCD temperature display
  • Timer is particular handy to let you know when you need to make fresh bottles
  • Night light can be operated from both parent and the baby unit
  • As the unit is portable, there’s a slick pager function to help you find it if you misplace it.

For a Tomy baby monitor that looks as though there’s not much to it on the surface, there’s quite a few neat features packed into it. Temperature monitoring, warning alarms, soft lighting sequences, feeding timers, amplifiers and all the other handy things that make it among the best of the Tomy baby monitors available.

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Bad Points of Tomy Baby Monitors

  • The charging unit is known to have a loose connection, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it occasionally just to make sure it is actually charging
  • No video or camera functionality

Final Say

As a new parent, you’ll sure benefit from the minimal technical features on the Tomy digital baby monitor. Unlike other Tomy baby monitors, you can simply set it up almost instantly and let the unit select the best frequency for your home.

tomy baby monitors

With crisp, sharp, and clear sound quality, you can soothe your baby with the 2 way talk system incorporated into the unit, while you head up stairs to tend to your baby.

The Tomy baby monitor is designed to give every parent complete peace of mind, with minimum fuss. The portability of the parent unit is splendid and works for longer than any of the other Tomy baby monitors, giving you a 350-metre range, (50 metres more than the Tomy classic baby monitor) in ideal conditions. Even for homes with thicker internal walls, the range is still superb.

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LCD temperature gauge, long range of 350 metres

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