Anapulse Fetal Heart Monitor

Anapulse Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor Review

One of the craziest, most beautiful and yet challenging times of your life is when you or your partner are expecting a child. You’re excited, nervous and a whole bundle of emotions at the same time. Every trip to the hospital, every kick and every other little moment during pregnancy will make the experience more intense.

Want something to increase that intensity?

Because the baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor From Anapulse will help you do exactly that.


Baby Heart Monitors

Baby heart monitors are ideal items to have when you’re expecting. They work like an ultrasound machine, but you don’t have to be a specialist nor go to a hospital to use them. Instead, you can use them to search for your baby’s heart beat and check that everything is going ok from the comfort of your own home, whenever your device is within a hand’s reach.

Better yet, you can use it to bond with your baby and your partner, helping to build a family environment long before you give birth to your latest family member.

A baby heart monitor like the Anapulse Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor will also give you something that you can’t buy: that’s peace of mind. With a baby heart monitor, you’re able to check that your baby is doing ok at any time of the day or night.


Features Of The Professional Baby Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor from Anapulse

  • Suitable for home or professional use
  • Displays Fetal Heart Rate On LCD display with back light
  • 3 modes – Real-time, averfaged and manual
  • 3Mhz Probe
  • Comes with a 250ml gel
  • Colour:Blue

Now that we have discussed the particulars and the reasons for buying, it’s time to take a look at our device in terms of an actual review of the product. This isn’t a sales pitch: It’s an honest list of pros and cons of the device given to us by real life, actual users of the product.

Fetal Heart Monitor


Let’s start with the good things.


Five Great Things About The Fetal heart monitor
  • The Anapulse fetal heart monitor is very loud. Whilst you might think that’s a problem, it’s actually great news. It means you can hear everything you want to nice and clearly.
  • This fetal heart monitor will give you peace of mind. We know that motherhood and/or fatherhood can be stressful, and we know waiting for it can be even more so. With a fetal heart monitor, you’re buying peace of mind. If you’re worried about a kick in the night, or not feeling your baby moving around as much, the fetal heart monitor will let you hear the baby’s heartbeat loud and clear. This will put your mind at rest – something which ordinarily money can’t buy.
  • This fetal heart monitor is The Anapulse fetal heart monitor will provide you safety and excitement (which we’ll discuss below)  and at a very low cost. It truly is a great addition to your expectant-parent basket.
  • The fetal heart monitor is great for building excitement. You want your pregnancy to be filled with wonderful moments and happiness. It’s good for the baby, and it’s good for you (and your partner!) This is achieved with the fetal heart monitor as you can turn each baby-progress update into an experience which you can hear and share. Also, the fetal heart monitor has the potential to make you and your partner closer. We know that pregnancy can sometimes feel isolating as each person adapts to their new role as father or mother. The heart monitor will mean that you can have a shared experience with each other as well as with the baby.

Fetal Heart Monitor Contents

Four Possible Issues With The Fetal Heart Doppler

  • It will take you a while to find baby with the fetal heart Doppler. Sometimes, it might take you an hour – especially if your baby is very young. This will get easier with time and practice though, so don’t worry too much.
  • Even though the fetal heart Doppler is great for finding baby, you have to remember that baby is building a life of its own! You might spend twenty minutes getting the fetal heart Doppler into the right place and position, only to have your future child decide to wander out of range again!
  • Regarding what we said above about your baby being young: the Anapulse fetal heart Doppler does say that it’ll work from as little as nine weeks pregnant. However, some users report that it didn’t work until fifteen weeks in. remember that every baby grows at a different rate, so you’ll find that the earliest available time is probably somewhere between nine and fifteen weeks. That said, if your fetal heart Doppler isn’t working earlier on in the pregnancy, it’s almost certainly nothing to worry about. We know you’re waiting expectantly, but you’ll be able to hear your baby soon enough!
  • Sometimes the Anapulse fetal heart Doppler screen can be temperamental when it comes to displaying the heart rate. Providing you can hear the heart rate, the screen should display, however sometimes the tracking mechanism doesn’t work quite so well as it should. That said, if you can hear the heartbeat, there’s nothing to worry about.




So much about parenthood is intangible. The feeling you get when you first feel the baby move. The feeling you get when you first feel the baby kick. Seeing your belly grow, or your partner’s belly grow as it supports a new human being. It’s magical. And a lot of things that the baby heart monitor provides are intangible: You get comfort, safety and the ability to bond with your baby before it is born.
Yet pregnancy is also about the tangible. It’s about creating a new person. It’s about seeing them for the first time, holding them and realising they’re real. With the baby monitor, you can hear your baby’s heart form inside you (or your partner.) That’s something incredibly real, and incredibly powerful.