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Fetal Doppler Review

When it comes to your pregnancy, there’s nothing more reassuring than being able to listen to the heartbeat of your unborn using a fetal doppler, right in the comfort of your own home. That’s what the Sonoline Fetal Doppler heart monitor lets you do.

The added advantage is that you can get some great bonding time with your partner, as you both sit down, relax and listen to your baby’s movements, heartbeat and hear every whimper as he/she moves around, letting you know that everything’s all good and the pregnancy is going smooth.

Fetal Doppler Review

There’s a couple of differences you need to note though, before getting a Sonoline Fetal Doppler.The Sonoline A Fetal

fetal dopplerDoppler uses a probe with a 2MHz probe, comes with the standard 250ml of ultrasound gel, but doesn’t have the LCD display screen.

Both the Fetal Doppler heart monitor probes can be used from as early as 12 weeks, although looking at some Sonoline B Fetal Doppler reviews, from soon to be parents, the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler heart monitor has worked tremendously well from as early as 9 and a half weeks.

This will probably be down to the increased MHz in the sound probe. The Sonoline B Fetal heart monitor has a 3MHz sound probe, an increase from the  2 MHz in the A model.

Which one is the best fetal heart monitor ?

Overall the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler reviews note this to be a better choice than the A model. One of the problems encountered on the A model is for those who are expecting twins.

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For that, you need a Fetal Doppler that can give you an onscreen display of the babys heartbeats, as it’s difficult, if not impossible to count them. The backlit LCD display on the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler takes care of that, and gives you an accurate reading of the babys heartbeat.

What’s in the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler ?

Super simple as right out the box, everything’s included and will be up and running in minutes.

You get the following included:

  • 2 x Kodak AA batteries
  • 1 x 3MHZ sound probe
  • 1 x Fetal Doppler Sonoline B Fetal heart monitor (with Backlit LCD Display screen)
  • 1 x 250 ml ultrasound gel

Just insert the batteries into the main unit, apply some ultrasound gel, and the use the probe to find your babys heartbeat.fetal doppler

Why buy the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler ?

All other Sonoline B Fetal Doppler reviews indicate that this unit works tremendously fast at picking up the FHR. (Fetal heart rate.) often in less than 60 seconds. Typically around 15 – 20 seconds, but the first time you use it, it may take longer.

Once you get to know where your baby normally lies around, you’ll be able to find the heartbeat quicker, each time you use it.

It uses the same technology used by midwives for years, to detect the FHR of your baby, using the high and safe 3MHz ultrasound frequency and then displaying that clearly for you to see on the backlit LCD display.

Once you see the FHR is around 150 BPM, you’ll feel instantly calmer knowing your baby’s heart is beating perfectly normal.

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Good Points of Sonoline B Fetal Dopper

  • Gives couples exceptional bonding time
  • Completely relaxes you and your partner when you both know for sure that your baby is growing healthily
  • Gives you the ability to connect to your computer, record the sound and playback anytime you want to, and/or even send the sound recording to other members of your family.
  • Fast at picking up your babys heartbeat
  • Listen to it via headphones or connect via an AUX cable to listen to it on loudspeaker.
  • You can hear everything clearly as your baby moves around. Hiccups, movements, heartbeats, and kicks. You can record them all with the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler heart monitor.
  • You’ll need a full bladder to speed up the time it takes to find your babys heartbeat
  • You can find you become more anxious if you can’t find the heartbeat fast.

Bad Points of Sonoline B Fetal Dopper

  • You’ll need a full bladder to speed up the time it takes to find your babys heartbeat
  • You can find you become more anxious if you can’t find the heartbeat fast.

The Sonoline B Fetal Doppler is definitely the heart monitor of choice for ease of use, sound clarity, ability to record the sounds, play on loudspeaker, and give you and your partner some quality family bonding time together.

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fetal doppler fits in your pocket

In fact, you might find it becomes somewhat of an obsession, sitting listening as your baby moves around, hiccups for the first time, hearing them move around, and all the other sounds that your Fetal Doppler will let you hear.

Monitor your Baby’s heart

Since the Sonoline B Fetal Doppler heart monitor uses the 3MHz ultrasound waves, you can be sure you’re going to be minimizing your worries by picking up your babys heartbeat in the fastest time possible. Putting you and your partners mind at rest, when you’re between your check up appointments.

You can listen to your baby anytime you need that peace of mind, knowing that your baby is perfectly healthy for the remaining 6 or 7 months of your pregnancy, and you’ll have those precious sound recordings to last a lifetime too.

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Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor Review

For those of you with a larger house, or even a long garden, and your baby’s nursery on the upper floor, there’s nothing going to be more important in your safety equipment than having the power to monitor your baby from anywhere in the house.

That’s what the Angelcare AC1100 monitor is designed to do. Boasting a long distance range of 200 metres, it’s ideal for the larger home, long running garden and comes with over 60 channels preset (with auto channel select, to find you the best frequency with minimal interference).

Angelcare AC1100

Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor Review

Here’s the main features of the Angelcare AC1100 monitor

  • Movement sensor
  • 3-in-1 baby monitor displays HD video of baby and detects sound and movement.
  • Crystal clear transmission
  • Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad – Alarm sounds if baby is still for 20 seconds
  • Portable rechargeable parent unit
  • Talk back function
  • Item Weight: 1.9 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 11.5 x 27.5 cm
  • Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required. (included)
  • Standing screen display size: 2.75 inches

Things are starting to look better at this point. So next on the agenda is to find out how easy it is to use the Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor.

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It is actually fairly simple to get it up and operational. The full instructions are set out in a user-friendly way to help you get the unit set up. The position of the camera can be tricky when you’re attaching it to a cot, so you can watch your baby on the Angelcare AC1100 video movement & sound monitor, to detect even the slightest of movements, look at the monitor and be sure that everything’s fine.

Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor with Pan/Tilt Function

What would be better is if the Angelcare AC1100 monitor came with a tripod stand. Many parents who use this, find that attaching the unit to the tripod gives a better coverage and ability to zoom and angle the camera around.

Unfortunately, the Angelcare AC1100 monitor doesn’t come included with a tripod, so you may be best to invest in one of those, for ease of using the camera.

Angelcare AC1100 touchscreen

All that aside though, there’s plenty of positive aspects you’ll find with the baby monitor Angelcare AC1100 unit.

What we like about the Angelcare Ac1100 Monitor

  • Full HD video baby monitor
  • HD 15 FPS camera for picture clarity
  • Movement detection
  • Sound detection
  • Can clip to your belt for portability
  • Baby monitor can be zoomed 100% and you can remotely move the camera from the parent unit
  • Digital touch screen lets you control everything on the baby monitor right from the parent unit
  • 2.4GHz sound transmission gives sound clarity
  • More than 60 channels to find a frequency that’s perfect for your home (auto selects the best)
  • Under the mattress sensor pad included to detect your babys movements
  • 20 second no-movement alarm
  • Variable sensitivity settings
  • Long range of 200 metres
  • Adjustable sound levels
  • Has a halo on the baby monitor which acts as a cosy nightlight
  • Both units can be operated with mains or batteries

As you can see with the baby monitor Angelcare AC1100 there’s a lot of factors been considered in the design of the product.

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Things to lookout in the Angelcare Ac1100

Everything can be controlled from the main parent unit, without you having to take a trip upstairs or into the nursery to adjust the volume or the brightness. In fact, there’s even a night vision on the Angelcare AC1100 monitor that will switch automatically on dependent on the light conditions.Angelcare Ac1100 Baby

One of the other things that’s highly commendable on the Angelcare AC1100 monitor is that it uses preset channels, and plenty of them. Scans itself automatically and finds the best channel for you, minimizing the interference.

Giving you the option to tweak the sound, movement and video settings, all from the parent unit is something that’s been improved on from previous models. The Angelcare AC1100 video movement & sound baby monitor gives you the option to tweak every setting .

Good/Bad Points of the Baby Video Monitor

  • Battery life lasts up to 8 hours on full charge
  • Can take quite a few tweaks until you find the right sensitivity settings that will work for your needs
  • Thicker internal wall structures will deteriorate the sound quality
  • Tricky to position and would be better suited to a tripod stand. That’s not included with the Angelcare AC1100 video movement & sound baby monitor
  • Only comes with one charging cradle, with no option to purchase additional. Would be better to have one for the baby monitor and the parent unit
  • Zoom function only gives 2 options. Wide or close, so that would be better if there was more options

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With most baby monitoring units, you do get a longer charge than the 8 hours provided by the Angelcare AC1100 monitor. Most can go from 10 – 12 hours, so that could be a bit longer.angelcare movement dection

With only 1 charging cradle, you’re going to have to charge the both units separately, which can be an inconvenience. All it would take is for Angelcare to release charging cradles for separate purchase to address this.

Final Say on the Angelcare Ac1100 Baby Video Monitor

It’s the perfect solution for monitoring your baby’s every move. From hearing every sound they make, being alerted when there’s movement in the cot or crib and the ability to tweak the settings to your desired level, makes the Angelcare AC1100 monitor an ideal solution for many a parent.

Given the drawback of homes, which have thicker internal wall structures, you’ll need to consider that as it will affect the range you get with baby monitor.

Asides from that, the baby monitor Angelcare AC1100 model, gives you the ability to monitor your baby’s room via the video monitor, hear the sounds your baby makes and know when they’re awake and need you to tend to them.

The Angelcare AC1100 monitor gives you complete peace of mind that your baby is safe in the comfort of their cot/crib in the nursery or bedroom, and it’s something you’ll benefit from tremendously.

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Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor Review

For a baby  video monitor, the Summer Infant is one of the most innovative designs that mums and dads adore. Not just for the slick design of the intuitive baby video monitor, but for the quality of the image displayed on the video baby monitor.

You’ll find the video screen is large enough to give you a clear view of everything that’s happening in your baby’s room. With the push of the button to control the angle of the camera, you can watch every move your baby makes as they start to wander around the room.

Baby Video Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor

It also comes with the ability to turn the video feature off, preserving the battery life for longer. Top that with the zoom in/out button, room temperature display, adjustable brightness, audio control, sound lights and a 2 way talk button, and Summer Infant have the complete baby monitor solution for many a family.

What features does this baby monitor have ?

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen display
  • Remotely pan, tilt or zoom the camera from the parent unit
  • 10-hour rechargeable battery included
  • 9 cm colour screen
  • 2-way talkback and temperature read out
  • Item Weight:     1.4 Kg
  • Product Dimensions:     29.4 x 25.6 x 11.6 cm

Going beyond a baby monitor…

Baby Monitor that can be expanded

The Summer Infant baby video monitor is expandable and that’s something that’s most beneficial to families with more than one youngster. You can use the one parental unit, hook it up to additional cameras throughout the home, and watch your entire family with the push button simplicity on the device.

Baby Video Monitor by summer infant

Baby Monitor box contains

  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 1 x Magnetic charging base
  • 1 x Camera
  • 1 x Battery pack
  • 1 x Mains lead
  • 1 x AV lead
  • 1 x EU/UK adapter plug

Lightweight Baby Video Monitor

The Summer Infant baby video monitor isn’t only designed for the home. With the lightweight parent unit and universal adaptors coming along with it, parents can take the peace of mind on holiday with them. Letting you relax on the balcony of your beach side apartment with the ability to watch your kids from the smart screen on the parent unit.

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Good Points on the Summer Infant Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Monitor

  • Use in and around the house with optional additional cameras
  • Super easy to use and touchscreen
  • Fast set up
  • Clear sound
  • High quality picture
  • Remotely pan/tilt/zoom the camera to cover all angles
  • Wall mountable if you’re short on space
  • Superb customer support
  • The battery life doesn’t preserve well
  • Need to use different frequencies on additional monitors
  • The range isn’t as good as it’s claimed to be as in a standard 3 bedroom house, the range won’t extend to the garden.
  • Poor sensitivity on the microphone

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Bad Points of the Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor

  • The battery life doesn’t preserve well
  • Need to use different frequencies on additional monitors
  • The range isn’t as good as it’s claimed to be as in a standard 3 bedroom house, the range won’t extend to the garden.
  • Poor sensitivity on the microphone

Our Final Say

The Summer infant baby touch digital baby video monitor gives you a crisp clear picture of your baby, whenever you need to check on him/her. The battery pack, while it can last up to 10 hours, it is reliant on the parent unit not using the video baby monitor function all day. It’s set to switch off after 3 minutes to preserve the battery life. The more you use that feature, the less time it will run for.

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Quality Picture

With regards to the frequencies on the unit, you may experience interference, which is caused when another baby video monitor is using the same frequency. This is also a handy feature you’ll want to use anyway, too adjust the frequency. It saves you the embarrassment of having your neighbours baby monitor pick your signal up, letting them hear your conversations. Summer Infant Baby Video Monitor

There’s not much that’s been left out of the Summer Infant baby video monitor. Everything appears to be taken care of, and probably more. You get the sound quality, volume control, adjustable brightness, red, yellow and blue audio lighting, remote camera, and all built using touch screen technology, for reliability and longevity.

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Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor Review

The Motorola MBP36 video baby monitor is the perfect solution for every anxious and busy parent. As previous Motorola video baby monitor reviews indicated that the frequency of 900MHz cordless antennas, meant for interference being a problem, you’ll be glad to know it’s been addressed in the newly improved Motorola MBP36 video baby monitor.

Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor Review

With a long range of 200 metres, and an alert to let you know when you’re out of range, you can be sure you’ll know instantly, when your baby needs your attention.

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What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 1 x Baby unit
  • 1 x User’s Guide and Quick Start Guide
  • 2 x Rechargeable batteries (for parent unit)
  • 1 x Power adapter for parent unit and baby unit

Both the parent and baby unit are simple to set up, and come with a quick assembly operational manual. It gives you less time on the complicated set up, and more time watching and listening to your baby.

As with most baby video monitor reviews indicating that the idea of being able to see at a glance how your baby is doing, is the key feature that parents look for.

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Motorola MBP36 explained

With the 3.5 inch LCD display screen taking care of that issue, all you have left to do is cast your loving eye over every move your baby makes, and hear every breath with the 2.4GHz FHSS technology, powering the crystal clear sound quality you get with the Motorola MBP36.

The night vision is one of the enhanced features on the Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor. With a 25 FPS video playback, as well as real time video monitoring, you can make the most of everything your baby does.

Motorola MBP36 child

Motorola MBp36  Video Baby Monitor features

  • Record those cute moments of your baby’s sweet dreams
  • Take snapshots of the recorded features
  • Use the snapshots to print out and add to your photo album
  • Or just use the Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor, to watch and listen to your baby, knowing wherever you are in the house, or garden, that your baby is safe in the comfort of their nursery.
  • 2.4GHz FHSS Technology with Two-Way Communication
  • Colour LCD Screen with Infrared Night Vision
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom the camera remotely
  • Five Lullabies Built In
  • Data Encryption for Security
  • 5 LED Alerts for Sound-Activated Lights
  • Room Temperature Monitor
  • Up to 200M Range with “Out-of-Range” Warning
  • Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)

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What we like about Motorola MBP36

An important feature that’s been mentioned in many digital video baby monitor reviews is the ability to have a 2-way talk system. It lets you sing to your baby from any room in the home, without the need to go upstairs, only to find that your baby was just a bit restless.

Motorola MBP36

With the remote ability to pan, zoom and tilt your camera, combined with the infra-red night vision technology on the Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor, you can be sure that the only time you need to go and see to your baby is when they really need their mother or father to comfort them, change them or feed them.

With 5 lullabies pre-programmed into the Motorola MBP36, you can lull your baby to sleep easily with the soothing sounds of one of their favourite lullabies.

The parent unit also gives you a handy temperature reading, so you can be sure that your baby’s room is at the perfect temperature for them to rest comfortably and safely.

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Motorola MBP36

Some parents have noted security concerns on some older video monitor reviews, which is also addressed with the additional data encryption security on the Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor, ensuring that the frequency is unique to the parent unit and that other wireless devices can’t tune into the camera, posing a security risk to the home.

Bad Points of this video baby monitor

  • You can’t turn off the power save feature
  • Range is reduced in houses with thicker walls
  • The camera doesn’t run on batteries, and needs to be connected to a mains socket
  • Infra-red night vision could be improved for reliability. Consumer reviews of the Motorola MBP36 indicate this feature to be unreliable
  • Reception isn’t as good as some other models
  • The camera screen is known to freeze quite frequently

The power save feature is handy and will save the battery life, but if you leave the parent unit alone for 2 minutes, the unit will go into standby mode. There’s no option to turn that off, so you have to touch the monitor whenever you want to look at the video.

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The sound will remain on, so it is only the baby video monitor on the Motorola MBP36 unit, which goes into auto power saving mode. You’ll still be alerted when with the sounds and the LED lights when your baby makes a sound.

Motorola MBP36 rotation

The range is long distance but for older houses with thick walls, this can be diminished somewhat. The Motorola video baby monitors reviews indicate around 19 metres for really old houses, with a thick wall structure, which is a significant loss in range, compared to the 200 metre range stated. Therefore, you may want to consider the structure of your walls, before deciding on which video baby monitor is right for you.

The only other issue that comes up on some of the video baby monitor reviews is the camera needing to plugged in. It will require the cot or crib, to be located near a power socket. It’s only the parental unit that operates on batteries. The baby unit needs to be connected to the mains at all times.

Why buy this  Baby Video Monitor ?

A great all round and versatile, baby video monitor, that lets you see and hear everything your baby is up to. It’s going to be the perfect gadget to save a you a lot of trips up and down the stairs, checking on your baby, as you can switch to the video monitor, and see if you’re baby’s just stirring or awakened and needing their feed, or changed, or just a bit of TLC. The Motorola MBP36 gives you everything you’ll need a baby monitor to do and so much more.

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BT Baby Monitor 250 Review

Amongst the range of BT baby monitors, the BT baby monitor 250 ranks among the best there is. Offering a baby-monitoring device with clear sound quality, portability, nightlight and easy to use unit. That’s before you get into the range of additional benefits, such as the built-in lullabies, and classical music.

BT Baby Monitor 250 Review

The BT baby monitor brand is one of the best brands available they have quality baby monitors which millions of parents around the UK have used.The BT250 offers a crisp clear sound without any interference.

parent baby monitorParents want a brand they can trust and offer value for money, the BT baby unit offers you quality at a affordable price and also delivers what you would want from a baby monitor.

Baby Monitor Box Contains :

  • Baby unit
  • Parent unit
  • 2 x AA NiMH 1300mAh rechargeable batteries for Parent unit (pre-installed)
  • Parent unit charger
  • 2 x power adapters (item code 057711)
  • Travel bag (located underneath top layer)

The main BT baby monitors operate off the mains. Therefore, you’re going to need a socket or extension lead to position it closest to the cot/crib. The parent unit is the one that’s portable, letting you go about your daily business around the house, taking the parent unit with you.

Good Battery Life

BT Baby Monitor 250With the reliability of the NiMH battery technology, you can be sure that your parent unit on the BT baby monitor 250 is going to be reliable. There is a charger included, which is best used at night, to ensure the unit doesn’t cut out in the middle of the night. Use it cordless during the day, for maximum usability.

There’s also a handy travel bag comes with the BT baby monitor 250 series, handy for when you’re visiting relatives.

When your baby falls asleep, you can simply leave them in another room to rest where it’s quiet enough not to disturb them, and use the BT baby monitor 250, to know the instant, your baby stirs.

Top Features of BT Baby Monitor 250

  • HD sound
  • Parental talk back function
  • Wide range of lullabies, including classical music, all of which are scientifically proven to keep your baby calm
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Ranges of up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors, lets you move freely around the home, knowing your baby is safe
  • Rechargeable batteries for portability
  • Nightlight and Torch
  • Set reminders and alerts
  • Travel bag to take it with you anywhere you go

Everything you’ll need a baby monitor to do, you get it all with the BT baby monitor 250. With ranges of up to 300m outdoors, you can go about your daily chores, and carry the parent unit with you, knowing that you’ll hear every sound your baby makes. BT baby monitor 250 glow light

With rechargeable batteries in the parent unit, it’s easy to go about your daily business. Knowing throughout the day, your baby is perfectly safe, in whatever room he/she is in.

Temperature Control Unit

You can also take comfort from the built in temperature control unit, that lets you see at a glance, the temperature of the room your baby is in. It will help you to know that they’re clothing isn’t too thick or thin, depending on the room temp, to be absolutely sure, their body is maintained at the ideal temperature.

One of the main characteristics, which make this among the best baby monitors is the ability to set your own reminders. You don’t have to work around a routine dictated by devices. You can set any of the BT baby monitors, including the 250, to remind you of anything you need to do.

Handy for reminding you of feeding times, when to make the bottle and leave it to cool, bath time, or set it to remind you that it’s the turn of your other half to do the baby duties, while you get yourself some quality me-time.BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor Room Temperature

Good Features of the BT  Baby Monitor 

  • Multi-functional with a variety of extras: Nightlight, lullabies, room temperature with light indicators
  • Clear sound quality
  • HD sound is superb
  • When it’s used with the mains adaptor and not the batteries, it’s one of the most reliable baby monitors you’ll find.
  • Gives a low battery warning when you’re using it on the go
  • Can take it with you anywhere you go
  • Classical music is great for relaxing your baby when their teething or generally upset

Bad Features of the BT Baby Monitor

  • Poor reception
  • Battery doesn’t last long when HD sound mode is activated
  • Temperature display isn’t accurate
  • Talk button is inconveniently placed on the side of the unit, so it’s easy to accidentally switch on talk mode
  • You can’t set your own temperature settings, so the alarm is prone to going off
  • Poor sensitivity settings, in comparison with other BT baby monitors

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Final thoughts on the BT Baby Monitor 250

Overall, for the price of the BT baby monitor 250 series, the full spectrum of features, sound clarity, portability and all wrapped up with a  neat and handy travel bag, makes this the best digital baby monitor you’ll find. The BT baby monitor 250 best price, currently comes in at £49.94*, including free delivery in the UK. (*at time of publishing).

BT 250 front view

This would be part of the reason for the numerous awards, which BT baby monitors are renowned for.Bringing technology to an advanced level and giving parents the reassurance of knowing their baby is safe wherever they are. It all adds up to giving you access to one of the best digital baby monitor appliances available.

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Mother & Baby Award

BT Digital Baby Monitor Review

One of the great aspects of a BT digital baby monitor is that they’re designed by you, for you. How is that possible?Simple! Parents are surveyed, prior to product development to find out what parents really want to have their baby monitors do.

BT Digital Baby Monitor Review

No any parent looking for a baby monitor will want the following things in a baby monitor. A baby monitor is their to supplement your monitoring of your baby’s sleep and also to allow you to do other things at the same time. So when looking for a baby monitor firstly write down  these 5 things you may want in a baby monitor.

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1)      Portability – check

2)      Reliable – check

3)      Multi-functional – check

4)      Crystal clear sound – check

5)      Reminders and alerts – check

The list goes on as every parent has his/her own idea of the perfect baby monitor. While it’s hard to roll out one that’s perfect for every parent, you will find that the BT digital baby monitor has most of your needs taken care of.

BT Baby Monitor Reviews

BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

The BT Digital baby monitor and pacifier provides a number of excellent features at a affordable price. It comes quality sound in the old days we had to live with weak signals and poor quality sounds but now with the HD revolution everything comes out much better than before.Some of the notable features we like on this baby monitor are :

  • HD Sound and Parental Talk-back
  • Projected Light Show and Lullabies
  • Auxiliary iPod / MP3 Music Input
  • Huge Range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Nightlight and Torch
  • Check the Temperature
  • Set reminding alerts
  • Travel bag
  • Easy set up

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As you can see from the list above, there’s quite a few neat features packed into this baby monitor. It’s so much more technologically advanced than the BT baby monitor 250, as an example. Which was the model released prior to the Pacifier range.

Right out the box, you get the following:

  • Baby Unit
  • Parent Unit
  • Parent Unit Charger
  • AA NiMH 1300mAh rechargeable batteries for Parent unit
  • 2 x power adapters
  • Travel bag

As every BT digital baby monitor has different technical details, there’s some key differences to note. The first of which needs mentioned is some features you won’t have access to with the Pacifier baby monitor.

It doesn’t include the following:

  • Video screen
  • Capability to add additional cameras
  • Adjustable camera and zoom functionality

What you do get is all the technical gadgets below, rolled into the one handy unit. BT Digital Monitor and Pacifier

Overall, there’s a lot of technical innovation went into the design of the BT digital baby monitor range. The rigorous process of product development by BT ensures that customers input are at the foremost of their creativity. The BT digital baby monitor range is created with the ideas of what surveyed parents would like to have access to.

Those needs are then addressed, producing the award winning BT digital baby monitor that actually works for parents.

Why buying  a BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

  1. Gro-egg/slumber bear/light show rolled into one unit, eliminating the need for 3 separate items. It’s rolled into one on the BT baby monitor pacifier.
  • Red – indicating too warm
  • Yellow – Perfect room temperature for a warm, ambient glow
  • Blue – Lets you know the baby’s room is below the ideal temperature
  1. Fantastic sound quality
  2. 3.      Wide mixture of tunes and sounds (think lullaby, classical music and for newborns, the soothing white noise sounds)
  3. The pre-programmed sounds are only part of the package. If you’ve found that you’re baby relaxes more to a tune you played frequently during your pregnancy, use the MP3 feature to programme the favourite tune of your baby into the BT baby monitor pacifier unit
  4. A slowly fading light show, spanning the entire ceiling, for the perfect relaxing environment of a baby’s bedroom at night. This feature is adjustable to, so you can project it to fit onto any surface. If you don’t want the light show spanning the entire room, use it on a specific area to narrow down the show.
  5. Use the torch light on the parent unit to check on your baby, without the need to turn on the main light.BT Digital Baby Monitor
  6. With adjustable alerts on the BT digital baby monitor (pacifier model), to tell you things you need to know and disregard what you don’t need to be aware of. As an example, you can use the noise threshold to alert you if your baby needs your attention, or if they’ve only had a small cough. Be alerted to cries in the night and not when you’re baby starts snoring.
  7. Use the “custom alerts” features to alert you when it’s time to feed your baby, or switch it around and let the unit alert you when it’s your partners turn to take their turn at watching over your baby. That’s how customizable, this BT digital baby monitor is.
  8. Chat-back system, lets you soothe your baby back to sleep, or you can use it to ask your partner if they need bottle made up.

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Quite a few things going for it, so it’s looking good. Especially when you take into consideration that a few of the features would require additional purchases to get everything. Such as your nightlight, torch, talk back features, projection slide show etc.

That could add up to some fairly pricey equipment, not to mention the space you’ll save in the nursery, by only having the one baby unit, sitting by your baby’s cot.

Bad Features of  BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

  • It doesn’t use a sensor mat.
  • If, for any reason, a problem occurs, while you can get full use of the warranty for a replacement, the customer support line can have you waiting on hold for ages.
  • Batteries – while they are re-chargeable, they aren’t entirely reliable. You’re best to have some spares to avoid the parent unit switching itself off, or use the mains cradle for during the night, ensuring the unit doesn’t cut out.
  • Has some major reliability issues. BT baby monitors are expected to be reliable, and for some reason this one fails to live up to expectations. The parent unit will switch itself off, and the alarms will spontaneously go off for no apparent reason, which can leave parents feeling anxious and worried about their young one.
  • The design of the parent unit is pebble shaped, so it’s not exactly user-friendly. It’s also difficult to operate and can be easily damaged if you drop the unit.

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Final thoughts on BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

The BT baby monitor 100 and the BT baby monitor 150 won nearly every award on the go, including:

  • Which?
  •  Best Buy and the prestigious Mother & Baby Gold Award.

As technology advances, so too does the BT digital baby monitor range. Coming back to the market, with the newly developed, BT baby monitor plus, and then the enhanced BT baby monitor 250 model.BT Digital Monitor and Pacifier control panel

The BT pacifier baby monitor is a combination of all the previous models, combined into one multi-functional unit, to address the needs of every parent.

As you’ll need a baby monitor with clear sound quality, that is reliable, super easy to use and packed with a variety of functions, to make life simpler, you can’t go wrong with the pacifier BT digital baby monitor.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Review

It can be a daunting task when you’re trying to find the perfect baby monitor, so you can relax peacefully, in the knowledge that your baby’s safe and sound asleep in their cot or crib.Angelcare Ac401 could be the right baby monitor for your needs.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor Review

With the Angelcare AC401 the biggest worries of parents are taken care with this multifunctional baby monitor unit, you can use this baby monitor as a breathing sound monitor, movement monitor, and it’s portable, so you can carry it with you on the go.

What you get in the box:

  • 1 x Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad
  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 1 x Nursery unit
  • 1 x Charging cradle
  • 2 x AC adaptors
  • 4 x AAA rechargeable batteries for Parent Unit
  • Instruction manual
  • 4 x AAA standard batteries for nursery unit need to be purchased separately

The movement sensor on the Angelcare monitor is cleverly designed to sit comfortably under the mattress. Constantly monitoring the movements of your baby and alerting you when he/she hasn’t moved for 20 seconds.

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Angelcare Ac401 Baby Monitor Features

The sound monitor is tremendous, as other interference around the house doesn’t affect it. Quite often microwaves, mobile phones, television sets, or wifi devices can leave you lying listening to nothing more than static. An annoying trait among many a baby monitor, and a welcoming feature to the Angelcare AC401 model. The sound pad hones in on your babies breathing and lets you hear every murmur, wherever you are in the house.

The portable handheld unit of the Angelcare monitor is cleverly designed to simply clip to your belt and take on the go with you. Perfect when you need to go out and hang the washing or any other tasks you need to get done.Angelcare Ac401 Standalone Baby Monitor Reviews

  • Monitor your baby’s every move with the under mattress sensor pad
  • Sounds an alarm when no movement is detected after 20 seconds
  • Use it with batteries or power it with the AC adapter
  • An optional tick sound to alert you that the movement sensor pad is detecting movements
  • 8 channels to choose from, minimizing interference
  • Automatic battery backup function, in the event of a power outage
  • Low battery indicator
  • Nightlight
  • Choice between voice activation or continuous sound reception.
  • Parent unit lets you see the temperature of the room
  • Optional vibration setting on the parent unit

In the early days of parenthood, you need something that will let you a peaceful night’s sleep, knowing your baby is safe and sound. That’s where the comforting ticking function on the Angelcare AC401 is going to come in handy. You can relax with the comforting sound, to let you know your baby is breathing soundly and movement is being detected.

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Baby Movement Feature

When the movement sensor doesn’t detect movement in 20 seconds, you’re alerted instantly with a sound similar to a smoke alarm, so you know to get where you need to be and check on your baby.Angelcare AC401 Movement  pad

With variable settings, you can choose to use the ticking monitor, sound monitor, movement monitor or combine all 3 settings and monitor everything, from the one unit.

Baby Monitor Specifications

  • Temperature displayed in Celsius degree
  • Variable settings for ticking/movement/sound mode, or a combination of all 3
  • Portable rechargeable parent unit, clip to your belt and monitor your baby on the go
  • Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission and security with the unique combination of 8 channels and 2 frequencies
  • Full colour digital display, batteries or mains operated
  • Model Number: AC5401
  • Item Weight: 2 Kg
  • Product Dimensions: 26.8 x 26 x 11.6 cm
  • Target gender:  Unisex
  • Batteries required:         Yes

With easy to understand, on screen displays, you can see at a glance everything you need to know. The ticking sound mode lets you know movement is constantly being detected, and an alarm to alert you when it doesn’t detect movement.

Baby Monitor On the go

As parents are always on the go, you can take advantage of the portable handheld monitor that lets you clip it to your belt around your waist and monitor your baby, while you’re getting on with all your other chores.

Good Points of the Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

  • Clear sound quality
  • Portable handheld unit
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Easy to use
  • Variable settings for individual monitoring, or combine all 3 settings to keep an eye on everything you need to
  • Minimized static sounds with multi-channel frequencies
  • No 2 way talk back
  • Doesn’t play lullabies on the baby unit
  • Sensor pad doesn’t  work well with wooden slats
  • Prone to switching itself off during the night, or when there’s no activity for 2 hours
  • Has a tendency to lose connection intermittently, so the signal strength could be better
  • Thick concrete walls will affect the communication between the parent and baby unit

Bad Points of Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

The main problem is using the sensor pad with cots that have wooden slats. There is a workaround though. When you unpack the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor, at the top of the box, there’s a small square piece of cardboard. Don’t chuck that out, as it’s the perfect size to fit under the mattress, and rest the sensor pad on it securely. Angelcare AC401 cradle unit

Why buy the Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor

Given the multifunction of the Angelcare monitor, it’s perfectly suited to monitor everything you need to from newborn to toddlers. With the Angelcare AC401 you’ll be able to rest assured in the knowledge that you’re baby is safe for years to come.

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