Phillips Avent Baby Monitor Review

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On 15/04/2013
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For parents of newborns or even for those who are looking for a newborn baby gift for a friend, the Phillips Avent may just be ideal. There are a few things to consider beforehand though, so you know if the Phillips Avent baby monitor is the right choice for you.

If you’ve previously looked through other baby monitors reviews, you’ll have a fair idea of what you may be requiring. In terms of choices, you have the option for video, camera stills, adjustable volume, brightness, temperature control, sensor pads and a whole array of additional features. Some of which you probably won’t need.

Phillips Avent Baby Monitor Review

As you’ll see in this review of the Phillips Avent, there’s a lot of features you can’t be without and there are also some areas that could be improved upon. You can use this to find out which baby monitor is right for your needs.

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Philips Avent SCD525

One of the key aspects to look for in any baby monitors reviews is to make sure that the device is using DECT technology. It’s the standard technology, providing interference free communication between different devices. In the case of baby monitors, it’s what connects the parent unit to the baby unit.

One of the main benefits of the Phillips Avent baby monitor is the long battery life. You don’t always want to have your unit plugged in at the mains, with trailing cords over the floor. The Phillips Avent can be operated with batteries to keep it wireless, or you can use the charger to power by the mains.

Phillips Avent Key Features

philips avent

  • Audio sensor
  • Includes a temperature sensor, and five soothing lullabies to calm your baby that can be switched on remotely
  • A lightweight and portable cordless parent unit, with a belt clip, allowing you to move freely around the house while remaining in touch with your baby
  • The parent unit allows up to 330m of roaming, and is rechargeable with up to 24 hours continuous usage
  • Talk-back allows you to talk to the baby remotely
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Item weight: 880g
  • Product dimensions: 22.2 x 15.6 x 10 cm
  • Uses DECT Technology

Due to this particular Phillips Avent baby monitor not having a camera or any major sources of power consumption; you get an extremely long battery life in both the parent and baby unit, so you don’t have to worry about any of the units running low on power.

Philips Avent SCD525

If and when they do, it will sound an alarm to let you know the batteries need replacing.

Good Points

  • Accurate reading on the temperature display
  • Good size that’s ideal for carrying around
  • Doesn’t need to be plugged in constantly
  • Lullabies play clearly and help to calm your baby off to sleep
  • Baby unit can work off batteries too
  • Sound indicators use soft blue lights, so you don’t get the worry when your baby cries and the parent unit lights up red.

Phillips Avent provides accurate temperature

The Phillips Avent has an additional advantage of displaying an accurate room temperature on the LCD display screen. Many of the baby monitors reviews indicate most other models have a tendency to be one or 2 degrees out. The

Phillips Avent temperature monitor has been compared to standalone thermometers, and always shows it to be the most accurate. So if you need to know your baby’s room is the perfect temperature, then the Phillips Avent is the monitor for you.

For most though, it’s the sound quality and being alerted the instant your baby needs you. The temperature control is just handy to reassure you that your baby isn’t too hot or too cold.

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Philips Avent liviing room

Bad Point’s

  • The night light isn’t very bright, so you’ll struggle to see if you’re only using that to tend to your baby. You may need a standalone night light.
  • The parent unit is the only one, which has the rechargeable batteries. The baby unit you have to use separate batteries
  • Sound quality could be improved upon. It states that you can hear every sound your baby makes. Most Phillips Avent baby monitors reviews, indicate that the adjustable volume control, even at the highest setting, only lets you hear when your baby cries. Not when they take a deep breath or roll onto their stomach, as you’d find out with a monitor using a Sensor Pad.

Final Say on the Phillips Avent Baby Monitor

Baby safety is especially important in the early days of your baby’s life. When you first get him/her home, and their sleeping almost all the time. You need to know when their due fed, the sleeping patterns and be able to know the instant they awaken. That’s what the Phillips Avent baby monitor lets you do, without you having to keep an eye on the video screen or run up and down the stairs throughout the day, to check if your baby’s awake or still asleep.

Philips Avent

The Phillips Avent baby monitor lets you hear what you need to hear, and not the white noise that many other models are notorious for. With the Phillips Avent, you know when you’re baby is crying and needs your attention. For ultimate baby safety, all the essential needs are covered with the Phillips Avent baby monitor.

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