Leapfrog Baby Monitor Review

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On 27/04/2013
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really good digital sound clarity

For parents of young ones, finding the best baby monitor for your needs is something that can take some time to find. This is why the Leapfrog baby monitor has many features that aren’t included with it, making it more reliable, resilient, and perhaps the best baby monitor you’ll find, which doesn’t give you the gimmicks of video surveillance, lullabies, night-lights and other features that can contribute to your baby monitor breaking down.

Leapfrog Baby Monitor Review

The list above doesn’t sound like much, but it really is the minimalist technology that makes the Leapfrog brand stand out as one of the best baby monitor choices for you.

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There are times when a cheap baby monitor does exactly what you need it to do, and for parents to find the best baby monitor, you need to consider your main reasons for requiring one.

leapfrog baby monitor

Every baby monitor should be able to deliver on that, but what you really need is sound clarity. Both audio and visually, and that’s where the Leapfrog baby monitor excels.

Granted, you can’t see your baby but as a cheap baby monitor, you won’t find an 8 mega-pixel camera or a video baby monitor with multi-channel frequencies. These are things that require a great deal more technology put into them. The more tech there is, the more chance there is that the unit could be prone to breaking.

Features to consider

  • Audio sensor
  • Digital sound clarity and security
  • Visual sound indication and alert
  • Five level digital volume control
  • Soft nightlight on baby unit
  • Range – 50m indoors, – 300m outdoors in ideal conditions

Among the consumer reviews for the Leapfrog baby monitor, one thing stands out and that’s that this is the best baby monitor for reliability and the quality of the sound.

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The sound quality is excellent on both the low and the high volume settings. If you’ve a standalone lullaby player in the nursery, the unit is intelligent enough to know the difference between the soft sounds of some music in the background.

It will lower the sound distribution of that noise being transferred from the baby unit to the parent unit. For the sounds you need to hear, like your baby crying…that will be distinctly heard through the parent unit. You’ll hear your baby before any other background noise in the room.

leapfrog baby monitor

Best Baby Monitor Reviews

  • No background noise
  • No interference – just the sounds of your baby you need to hear
  • It has a battery backup in case of a power outage
  • Can be set up for use in seconds
  • Clear sound on low and high volume settings
  • No fancy gimmicks, just designed as a sound monitor with little that can break down
  • Excellent value for a cheap baby monitor, as it’s not got cameras or video, with excellent sound clarity
  • Beeping alert when the signal goes out of range
  • Sensitivity is perfect and will differentiate between crying and kicking, which is something you’ll only find from the best baby monitor on the market
  • It’s lightweight
  • Comes complete with a handy carry bag, allowing you take it on the go with you.

The background noise on baby monitors can be annoying at times. The minimum frequencies, combined with the sound functions, make it a tremendous choice to hear the things you need to, and minimize the noise you don’t need to hear.

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The parent unit can be muted, when you can use the red and blue lights to distinguish the noise level from your baby, and know immediately, when you tend to your baby.

The unit is portable and lightweight, so you can carry it around the house or even into the garden with you, and hear your baby the instant they need your attention.

leapfrog baby monitor base station

Both units are powered with AA batteries so you don’t get as long a use out of them, but they’re definitely easily replaceable when they’re running low.

Why it may not be the best baby monitor for you?

  • Not the best baby monitor to use in houses structured with thick walls, as the frequencies won’t work
  • Note that this particular Leapfrog baby monitor does not come with the night light and built in lullabies to calm your baby. There’s no bells and whistles on this monitor. It will let you hear your baby clearly throughout the house, but there’s no extra perks.
  • Sound deteriorates when your outdoors.
  • Lights can become unreliable as after a while some people find they eventually just continuously blink, regardless of the noise level.

Overall summary of the Leapfrog baby monitor

For the best baby monitor that lets you hear the sounds you need to from your baby’s room, and minimize the background noise, the Leapfrog baby monitor is ideal. It’s also perfect for covering a long range, letting you get the most portability from your units. With easy to replace batteries, and built for longevity, there’s certainly no issues with the sturdy build and reliability of the Leapfrog baby monitor, making it one of the best baby monitor choices for most households.

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really good digital sound clarity

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