Baby Video Monitors

Baby Video Monitor Review

For parents who are looking for complete peace of mind, knowing their child is always safe around the house, finding the best baby video monitor is the only way you can do that.

Well, as you read this BT digital video baby monitor 1000 review, you’ll find it will tick a number of boxes for you, as well as perhaps giving you some additional benefits, that you may not have thought of previously.

Baby Video Monitor Review

The BT digital video baby monitor 1000 is the final cornerstone to complete the collection of baby monitoring safety equipment by BT. Each baby video monitor by BT has always been accredited with some of the top industry awards.

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Right from the very first BT baby monitor, (100), to now the final improvements making the best baby video monitor you’ll find available, and within a decent budget too.

Baby Video Monitor

Everything you’ll ever need is included within your box.

What’s in the box ?

  • 1 x Camera unit for the baby’s room
  • 1 x Parent unit for you
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery for your Parent unit
  • 1 x Battery compartment cover for your Parent unit
  • 2 x Mains power adaptors
  • 1 x Full user guide to talk you through your Video baby monitor
  • 1 x Wall mounting bracket
  • 2 x Screws
  • 2 x Wall plugs

As your family grows, you can grow your safety equipment too. One of the things many parents look for to make the best baby video monitor is something that lets them view around the house and not just isolated to the one room. With the BT digital video baby monitor 1000, you have the ability to add up to 4 additional cameras.

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Watch as your baby sleeps in his/her nursery, knowing the exact moment, you need to go and tend to them. (Saves many a trip up and down the stairs). If you’ve a toddler as well, or perhaps even babysitting, you can simply toggle the cameras between different rooms, and see everything you need to be aware of happening, the instant it’s happening.

BT Baby Video Monitor with night vision

The parent unit is lightweight too, so you’ll find that exceptionally handy for getting your other chores done around the house.

When it comes time to rest your eyes for the night and get the kids to sleep, this is when you’ll really notice the difference. The light on the camera will automatically switch itself onto the night vision mode. (It’s controlled by the light conditions of the room.)

This lets you keep your child’s room dark, while you can see clearly when they may have rolled onto their stomach and get upset trying to turn again.

Night vision great for those late nights

For those with a baby around 4 months, this is the age that you’ll find yourself having to be up in the middle of the night. The night vision on the baby video monitor lets you see exactly what’s happening, so you know to tend to your baby, or if they’re just having a little bit of a restless night.

Baby Video Monitor Front Camera View

With full audio controls, lights indicating the level of audio, long distance range, out of range alerts and so much more, it really is the best baby video monitor available.

2 Way talk function allows you to sing to your baby

One thing you will find yourself using a lot of is the 2-way talk function. As you’ll know, the instant your baby starts crying, you can’t be there right away.

It might take you a minute or two to get up the stairs, into their room. During that time, you can soothe them with the sound of your voice, as you head upstairs, lulling them with their favourite lullaby, gently calming your baby down, just ready for a loving hug as you get into the room.

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Technical Details

  • Large 2.8″ LCD colour screen
  • Switches automatically to night vision when it’s dark
  • Connect up to four cameras
  • Automatically switches between 52 channels to avoid interference
  • Baby room temperature display
  • Item Weight:     821g
  • Product Dimensions:     24.2 x 14 x 9.2 cm
  • The large screen
  • Screen only comes on when there’s a noise, so the battery lasts longer
  • Set the camera to be on constant or by noise activation
  • Scans to select the best frequency for your surroundings

Good Points

Interference is always an issue with any baby video monitor. With most, you have to scan to find a channel that doesn’t affect your WiFi and isn’t affected by your mobile phones etc. Especially, when you’re using it walking around, perhaps out in the garden.

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Baby Video Monitor

This is where BT really brings things into a league of their own. The BT baby video monitor 1000 has an auto scan feature built into it. It saves you time from scanning to find a channel with little to no interference.

Bad Points

  • There’s no belt clip
  • There’s no cradle to charge the parent unit – Just a cable and a small plug to charge it.
  • Picture quality not as good when used at a distance

Final thoughts

The BT baby monitor 1000 is the best of the collection they have. In comparison to other brands though, such as a Motorola digital video baby monitor, you might find that the range is longer and the picture is clearer.

Baby Monitor & enjoy the summer

Overall, the night vision, which switches itself on automatically, based on the light conditions in the room, you can find that the picture quality can be quite fuzzy at times.

In particular when you’re using it over a longer range, or in a house with thick walls. If your house is average size and the walls aren’t too thick, you’ll be able to get around a 100m range, without the picture quality being affected.

The thing that makes this among the best baby video monitor you’ll find is the fact that it can be added to, and with a couple of tweaks, you’re able to monitor not just your baby’s nursery but other kids too.

Once you set it up, it can be used for years to keep a watchful eye on your child as they grow older and start to get up to mischief. It’s one of the best safety monitors you’ll find and it does everything you need it to do, to ensure your child is safe all the time.

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