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Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review

Cosatto 3sixti Highchair Review

What is the Cosatto 3sixti Highchair?

This Cosatto highchair is quite the looker – it has a pedestal design, and it comes in a variety of funky and fun colours. It has great ergonomic design – it’ll look good in your dining room, and your child will feel safe, secure and comfortable in the chair. It takes the name “360” from the fact that it swivels around – this is great because you can be sat at the table yourself and move the chair’s direction so feeding your child and yourself is easy and not a chore.

What are the features of a Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

  • 360° swivel chair with 6 positions for easy up-to-the-table feeding
  • Easy gas-lift with multiple height positions (seat height 45–62 cm)
  • 2-position recline backrest and dishwasher-safe 2-part tray
  • Super compact base and under-base roller for easy transportation
  • Includes 4-year guarantee when registered with CosattoCosatto 3sixti Highchair

What are the good points of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

The chair is quite sizeable. That means that your child can use it for a long time. Babies grow quickly, so having to replace a high chair several times can mean big expenses. The Cosatto highchair avoids that.

The pedestal design means that your pets and children are safer when not in the chair – highchairs tend to come with legs usually, which is a hazard for those with less motor control; chair legs are trip hazards, and where as a dining chair is reasonably strong, a lot of highchairs are not only trip risks, but topple risks – the Cosatto highchair avoids this.

The chair is comfortable. The seat and back are both made out of high quality material, which isn’t going to be hard on your child’s back or legs.

What are the bad points of the Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

The plastic clip on tray is not very durable. Parents know that children need items that will survive wear and tear, and the plastic tray included with the Cosatto highchair is not what we’d call solid in its construction.

In fact, the durability of the chair could be called into question – its construction leaves for a lot of potential faults. The chair is quite expensive, so many would expect design flaws such as flimsy connectors to be ironed out.

Finally, customer service at Cosatto could be better; their online portal is not regularly checked, and so you have to call a number to get any support – this costs the end user.

Should I buy a Cosatto 3sixti highchair?

This Cosatto highchair is a good choice for some of the more high-tech features it provides. However, if you do decide to purchase the Cosatto 3sixti, be aware that you might have to use the 4 year warranty that it boasts – children tend to break things, and the Cosatto does tend to be easily broken. However, if you don’t have any issues, the chair makes an ergonomic and aesthetic investment, and is incredibly comfortable for the child, which is the main goal of any highchair.


Chicco HighChair Review

This article is about the Chicco Polly High Chair. It contains a list of the features, good points, bad points and our opinion on whether you should buy the Chicco high chair.

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What is the Chicco Polly High Chair?

The Chicco Polly High Chair is a baby’s high chair creature by manufacturer Chicco. It’s a two-stage chair, which means this Chicco high chair is designed firstly for small children, and then it’s adaptable as they grow.Chicco high chairs

What are the features of a Chicco Polly High Chair?

  • Easy to use and open/close, operated from simple buttons on the side
  • Compact when closed
  • Adjustable seat to 7 height positions
  • 3 position reclining seat back rest
  • Footrest – adjustable for height and angle
  • 5-point restraint harness
  • Tray shape gives bigger surface and more room for baby.
  • Single handed tray control for the 3 positions, and removing
  • Includes food tray which clips to main tray
  • Safe easy fitting system to store tray on rear legs
  • Non scratching rubber feet and wheels
  • Suitable for children aged 6 months – 3 years


What are the good points of the Chicco Polly High Chair?

At £74.99 the Chicco high chair is a very affordable option. Some high chairs that we’ve reviewed have cost multiple hundreds of pounds, whereas the Chicco high char costs only £74.99, making it an affordable option.

It is a two stage high chair with a removable cushion. With most high chairs, you’ll either have a chair that is too small for older toddlers, or too large for tiny children. This allows for both, allowing therefore for a single purchase – which is great when you’re a new parent, because kids are expensive.

The cushion is made of a high quality material. This means that it’s comfortable for your child.

What are the bad points of the Chicco Polly High Chair?

It has a leg design that is really conducive to tripping a toddler over. Toddlers don’t have much motor control, as you’ll know if you’re a parent. When your tot starts walking, they’ll trip over most things. The Chicco high chair has four legs with a bar connecting each of the two front and back legs. This makes it pretty hazardous. The chair is also light in weight, so it will topple if tripped on.


It also has several nooks and crannies. This means that food can (and will!) slip down and get stuck. Obviously, this will have to be cleaned less it get mouldy. Unfortunately those same gaps mean that the Chicco high chair is quite difficult to clean. This is a negative that can’t be ignored.


Should I buy a Chicco Polly High Chair?

The Chicco Polly high chair is a great chair that’s affordable, durable and is comfortable for your child. However it does come with its downsides; it is difficult to clean, and yet cleaning it is necessary. Its lightweight, whilst handy for moving around, can be troublesome should it be toppled by your child. However, if you can overcome these difficulties, then the Chicco Polly high chair is an ideal high chair for babies.


Bloom Highchair Review

Bloom highchair Review

This article has been designed for anyone looking to buy a Bloom highchair, of get more information before deciding whether to buy a Baby Bloom highchair or another manufacturers offering of highchair.

What is the Bloom highchair?

It’s a baby highchair by Fresco. It is at the top end of costs for a baby’s highchair,a nd with the price comes a high quality chair that is super-sized and comes with a stainless steel tray and FDA approved plastic materials.

What are the features of a Bloom highchair?Baby highchair

  • Super-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray
  • FDA food-grade plastic and stainless steel trays; removable and dishwasher-safe
  • 360° swivel
  • Rigid centre T-bar strut for maximum strength and stability
  • Push-button, quick-release shoulder harness points allows pads and harness to be changed quickly


What are the good points of the Bloom highchair?

It looks great. It has a stylish design. It doesn’t take up too much space. In comparison to a lot of other baby highchairs, this one looks a lot more stylish, and would look better in your dining room than a lot of other highchairs.

It’s got a pedestal design. This is a great design, because when you have a toddler wandering around, excess chair legs can be a hindrance. They are hazards which your baby can trip on. Because highchairs don’t tend to be as heavy as regular dining chairs, this means that not only are they trip hazards – they are also topple hazards.

The Baby Bloom HighChair is also comfortable. This is important with any highchair, as keeping your child in one can be a struggle at the best of times – if it’s uncomfortable, it’s even more difficult and less practical. Luckily, the baby bloom highchair isn’t uncomfortable, which means your child should be able to sit in it for the duration of the meal time.

What are the bad points of the Bloom highchair?

There is one major fault that the Baby Bloom highchair has – it has nooks inside the design which mean that food can get dropped (and will get dropped – children are messy eaters) and stuck inside the cushioning in the chair. This can lead to mould, so it’s a potential hazard.

Because of the small gaps in the cushion, this is also quite a difficult highchair to clean. The Baby Bloom should be easier to clean – after all, it’s designed for babies and toddlers; all products should be easy to clean when the users are only between 6 months and two years old.

The Baby Bloom is also very highly priced. Compared to competitors, it is expensive, and some might argue that the quality doesn’t justify the cost.

Should I buy a Bloom highchair?

The Baby Bloom highchair is a high quality, but expensive piece of baby equipment. It is a large size, which is necessary as the cost prohibits buying a chair as your child gets older.


High Chair Reviews

High Chair Reviews

A high chair may not be the first purchase that an expectant mum makes but it is one that will be needed sooner than you think. Before you know it your little one will be on solid foods and will need his or her own station in which to eat them safely. A high chair is an essential item and a necessary purchase for any expectant parents.

Babybjorn Highchair

What is a High Chair For?

A high chair is literally a high-up chair that is designed for babies to sit in. They are too young to sit by themselves in adult chairs so the high chair provides support and stops them from falling out.

It is high so that the child can be at the same level as the parents when they’re sitting at the table. The high chair on the right is a babybojrn and it is one of the top-end high chairs. This will be in our highchairs review section.

This makes it easier to feed the baby and means that you don’t have to stoop down all the time. The whole point of high chairs is to ensure that the baby can eat in a safe and comfortable environment.

High Chair Review Features

Basic high chairs will come with a simple seat on high legs and straps to restrain the child. Though these do not have a lot of features they are still ideal at doing what they do which is keeping your baby secure while eating.

Cosatto Highchair

However, there are a number of other features that come with more innovative high chairs.We will look at these in our best high chair reviews. Whether you want them or not depends on your needs and that of your baby’s, plus your budget. Here are a few common high chair extras.

  • Padded seat
  • Tray
  • Removable tray
  • Seat cover
  • Attached toys
  • Convertible high chair: can be made into a toddler chair as baby grows older
  • Adjustable seat
  • Wheels

How much does High Chair cost?

No one can deny it, having a baby is expensive. A high chair is one of the larger purchases you’ll need to make, but luckily it is not one of the most expensive. Generally, high chairs range in price from as little as £10 to over £200.We are here to save you money why not have a look at our highchair reviews which covers a range of features.

Name & ModelCosatto 3Sixti HighchairChicco Polly HighchairBloom Fresco Highchair
Suitable for Agesfrom 6 monthsfrom 6 months to around 3 yearscan be used until your child is 6 or 7 years
PostionsSix-position 360 degree swivel for 'up-to-the-table' feedingthree recline positions360° swivel
Height SettingsEasy gas lift to multiple height positionsSeven different Height Adjustmentseasily adjusted, with an easy-lift, pneumatic assisted system which allows for infinite positions
Removeable Food trayTwo removable, washable trays with three positionsYSuper-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray
Padded SeatYYN
Other FeaturesSuper compact base and under-base roller for easy transportationCompact and Free Standing when foldedRigid center T-bar strut for maximum strength and stability
Warranty4 year1 year1 year
ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
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Benefits of High Chairs

There are several benefits to high chairs for feeding your baby, find out the best ones below.

  • Safety – Instead of trying to balance a wriggly young baby or toddler on an adult chair to eat you can put them in  a high chair to keep them secure. Not only do high chairs have leg holes, they also have straps, very like seat belts, to hold children in. This means that you can be sure your baby won’t fall out.

Baby Highchair by Highchair

  • Height – They’re not called high chairs for nothing. The height of the chair allows the child to sit at the table with you. This is ideal if you are eating at the same time and means that the baby is on level with you and that you don’t have to bend down to feed them.
  • Posture – A high chair will help your child learn how to sit properly. Until now your baby hasn’t been in a chair that they’re able to support themselves in. The high chair provides them with the support and lets babies learn how to sit up properly.
  • Coordination – As you baby gets older and can feed themselves a high chair will help them learn hand-eye coordination. This is because they can feed themselves using a spoon and a bowl placed on the tray in front of them.
  • Interaction – The height of the chair allows the child to be on a level with the parents. This is not only good for you but also for your child; they can see what you are doing and interact with you while they’re eating. They will start to pick up on table manners and other necessities.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning a high chair is so much easier than trying to clean a table once your baby has thrown their food around. High chairs usually come with wipe clean seats and a lot have removable trays that are very easy to clean.

The average price for a high chair is around £50. It is sizeable but not the most expensive purchase you’ll make. You may be able to get second hand high chairs for a lot less money.Read our highchair reviews to find the right chair for your baby.