BT Digital Baby Monitor Review

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One of the great aspects of a BT digital baby monitor is that they’re designed by you, for you. How is that possible?Simple! Parents are surveyed, prior to product development to find out what parents really want to have their baby monitors do.

BT Digital Baby Monitor Review

No any parent looking for a baby monitor will want the following things in a baby monitor. A baby monitor is their to supplement your monitoring of your baby’s sleep and also to allow you to do other things at the same time. So when looking for a baby monitor firstly write down  these 5 things you may want in a baby monitor.

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1)      Portability – check

2)      Reliable – check

3)      Multi-functional – check

4)      Crystal clear sound – check

5)      Reminders and alerts – check

The list goes on as every parent has his/her own idea of the perfect baby monitor. While it’s hard to roll out one that’s perfect for every parent, you will find that the BT digital baby monitor has most of your needs taken care of.

BT Baby Monitor Reviews

BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

The BT Digital baby monitor and pacifier provides a number of excellent features at a affordable price. It comes quality sound in the old days we had to live with weak signals and poor quality sounds but now with the HD revolution everything comes out much better than before.Some of the notable features we like on this baby monitor are :

  • HD Sound and Parental Talk-back
  • Projected Light Show and Lullabies
  • Auxiliary iPod / MP3 Music Input
  • Huge Range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Nightlight and Torch
  • Check the Temperature
  • Set reminding alerts
  • Travel bag
  • Easy set up

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As you can see from the list above, there’s quite a few neat features packed into this baby monitor. It’s so much more technologically advanced than the BT baby monitor 250, as an example. Which was the model released prior to the Pacifier range.

Right out the box, you get the following:

  • Baby Unit
  • Parent Unit
  • Parent Unit Charger
  • AA NiMH 1300mAh rechargeable batteries for Parent unit
  • 2 x power adapters
  • Travel bag

As every BT digital baby monitor has different technical details, there’s some key differences to note. The first of which needs mentioned is some features you won’t have access to with the Pacifier baby monitor.

It doesn’t include the following:

  • Video screen
  • Capability to add additional cameras
  • Adjustable camera and zoom functionality

What you do get is all the technical gadgets below, rolled into the one handy unit. BT Digital Monitor and Pacifier

Overall, there’s a lot of technical innovation went into the design of the BT digital baby monitor range. The rigorous process of product development by BT ensures that customers input are at the foremost of their creativity. The BT digital baby monitor range is created with the ideas of what surveyed parents would like to have access to.

Those needs are then addressed, producing the award winning BT digital baby monitor that actually works for parents.

Why buying  a BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

  1. Gro-egg/slumber bear/light show rolled into one unit, eliminating the need for 3 separate items. It’s rolled into one on the BT baby monitor pacifier.
  • Red – indicating too warm
  • Yellow – Perfect room temperature for a warm, ambient glow
  • Blue – Lets you know the baby’s room is below the ideal temperature
  1. Fantastic sound quality
  2. 3.      Wide mixture of tunes and sounds (think lullaby, classical music and for newborns, the soothing white noise sounds)
  3. The pre-programmed sounds are only part of the package. If you’ve found that you’re baby relaxes more to a tune you played frequently during your pregnancy, use the MP3 feature to programme the favourite tune of your baby into the BT baby monitor pacifier unit
  4. A slowly fading light show, spanning the entire ceiling, for the perfect relaxing environment of a baby’s bedroom at night. This feature is adjustable to, so you can project it to fit onto any surface. If you don’t want the light show spanning the entire room, use it on a specific area to narrow down the show.
  5. Use the torch light on the parent unit to check on your baby, without the need to turn on the main light.BT Digital Baby Monitor
  6. With adjustable alerts on the BT digital baby monitor (pacifier model), to tell you things you need to know and disregard what you don’t need to be aware of. As an example, you can use the noise threshold to alert you if your baby needs your attention, or if they’ve only had a small cough. Be alerted to cries in the night and not when you’re baby starts snoring.
  7. Use the “custom alerts” features to alert you when it’s time to feed your baby, or switch it around and let the unit alert you when it’s your partners turn to take their turn at watching over your baby. That’s how customizable, this BT digital baby monitor is.
  8. Chat-back system, lets you soothe your baby back to sleep, or you can use it to ask your partner if they need bottle made up.

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Quite a few things going for it, so it’s looking good. Especially when you take into consideration that a few of the features would require additional purchases to get everything. Such as your nightlight, torch, talk back features, projection slide show etc.

That could add up to some fairly pricey equipment, not to mention the space you’ll save in the nursery, by only having the one baby unit, sitting by your baby’s cot.

Bad Features of  BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

  • It doesn’t use a sensor mat.
  • If, for any reason, a problem occurs, while you can get full use of the warranty for a replacement, the customer support line can have you waiting on hold for ages.
  • Batteries – while they are re-chargeable, they aren’t entirely reliable. You’re best to have some spares to avoid the parent unit switching itself off, or use the mains cradle for during the night, ensuring the unit doesn’t cut out.
  • Has some major reliability issues. BT baby monitors are expected to be reliable, and for some reason this one fails to live up to expectations. The parent unit will switch itself off, and the alarms will spontaneously go off for no apparent reason, which can leave parents feeling anxious and worried about their young one.
  • The design of the parent unit is pebble shaped, so it’s not exactly user-friendly. It’s also difficult to operate and can be easily damaged if you drop the unit.

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Final thoughts on BT Digital Baby Monitor and Pacifier

The BT baby monitor 100 and the BT baby monitor 150 won nearly every award on the go, including:

  • Which?
  •  Best Buy and the prestigious Mother & Baby Gold Award.

As technology advances, so too does the BT digital baby monitor range. Coming back to the market, with the newly developed, BT baby monitor plus, and then the enhanced BT baby monitor 250 model.BT Digital Monitor and Pacifier control panel

The BT pacifier baby monitor is a combination of all the previous models, combined into one multi-functional unit, to address the needs of every parent.

As you’ll need a baby monitor with clear sound quality, that is reliable, super easy to use and packed with a variety of functions, to make life simpler, you can’t go wrong with the pacifier BT digital baby monitor.

Lots of features,Wall Light

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