BT Baby Monitor 250 Review

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BT Baby Monitor 250

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Amongst the range of BT baby monitors, the BT baby monitor 250 ranks among the best there is. Offering a baby-monitoring device with clear sound quality, portability, nightlight and easy to use unit. That’s before you get into the range of additional benefits, such as the built-in lullabies, and classical music.

BT Baby Monitor 250 Review

The BT baby monitor brand is one of the best brands available they have quality baby monitors which millions of parents around the UK have used.The BT250 offers a crisp clear sound without any interference.

parent baby monitorParents want a brand they can trust and offer value for money, the BT baby unit offers you quality at a affordable price and also delivers what you would want from a baby monitor.

Baby Monitor Box Contains :

  • Baby unit
  • Parent unit
  • 2 x AA NiMH 1300mAh rechargeable batteries for Parent unit (pre-installed)
  • Parent unit charger
  • 2 x power adapters (item code 057711)
  • Travel bag (located underneath top layer)

The main BT baby monitors operate off the mains. Therefore, you’re going to need a socket or extension lead to position it closest to the cot/crib. The parent unit is the one that’s portable, letting you go about your daily business around the house, taking the parent unit with you.

Good Battery Life

BT Baby Monitor 250With the reliability of the NiMH battery technology, you can be sure that your parent unit on the BT baby monitor 250 is going to be reliable. There is a charger included, which is best used at night, to ensure the unit doesn’t cut out in the middle of the night. Use it cordless during the day, for maximum usability.

There’s also a handy travel bag comes with the BT baby monitor 250 series, handy for when you’re visiting relatives.

When your baby falls asleep, you can simply leave them in another room to rest where it’s quiet enough not to disturb them, and use the BT baby monitor 250, to know the instant, your baby stirs.

Top Features of BT Baby Monitor 250

  • HD sound
  • Parental talk back function
  • Wide range of lullabies, including classical music, all of which are scientifically proven to keep your baby calm
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Ranges of up to 300 metres outdoors and 50 metres indoors, lets you move freely around the home, knowing your baby is safe
  • Rechargeable batteries for portability
  • Nightlight and Torch
  • Set reminders and alerts
  • Travel bag to take it with you anywhere you go

Everything you’ll need a baby monitor to do, you get it all with the BT baby monitor 250. With ranges of up to 300m outdoors, you can go about your daily chores, and carry the parent unit with you, knowing that you’ll hear every sound your baby makes. BT baby monitor 250 glow light

With rechargeable batteries in the parent unit, it’s easy to go about your daily business. Knowing throughout the day, your baby is perfectly safe, in whatever room he/she is in.

Temperature Control Unit

You can also take comfort from the built in temperature control unit, that lets you see at a glance, the temperature of the room your baby is in. It will help you to know that they’re clothing isn’t too thick or thin, depending on the room temp, to be absolutely sure, their body is maintained at the ideal temperature.

One of the main characteristics, which make this among the best baby monitors is the ability to set your own reminders. You don’t have to work around a routine dictated by devices. You can set any of the BT baby monitors, including the 250, to remind you of anything you need to do.

Handy for reminding you of feeding times, when to make the bottle and leave it to cool, bath time, or set it to remind you that it’s the turn of your other half to do the baby duties, while you get yourself some quality me-time.BT 250 Digital Baby Monitor Room Temperature

Good Features of the BT  Baby Monitor 

  • Multi-functional with a variety of extras: Nightlight, lullabies, room temperature with light indicators
  • Clear sound quality
  • HD sound is superb
  • When it’s used with the mains adaptor and not the batteries, it’s one of the most reliable baby monitors you’ll find.
  • Gives a low battery warning when you’re using it on the go
  • Can take it with you anywhere you go
  • Classical music is great for relaxing your baby when their teething or generally upset

Bad Features of the BT Baby Monitor

  • Poor reception
  • Battery doesn’t last long when HD sound mode is activated
  • Temperature display isn’t accurate
  • Talk button is inconveniently placed on the side of the unit, so it’s easy to accidentally switch on talk mode
  • You can’t set your own temperature settings, so the alarm is prone to going off
  • Poor sensitivity settings, in comparison with other BT baby monitors

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Final thoughts on the BT Baby Monitor 250

Overall, for the price of the BT baby monitor 250 series, the full spectrum of features, sound clarity, portability and all wrapped up with a  neat and handy travel bag, makes this the best digital baby monitor you’ll find. The BT baby monitor 250 best price, currently comes in at £49.94*, including free delivery in the UK. (*at time of publishing).

BT 250 front view

This would be part of the reason for the numerous awards, which BT baby monitors are renowned for.Bringing technology to an advanced level and giving parents the reassurance of knowing their baby is safe wherever they are. It all adds up to giving you access to one of the best digital baby monitor appliances available.

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