Bloom Highchair Review

Review of: Bloom highchair

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On 09/10/2015
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Super-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray,
360° swivel

Bloom highchair Review

This article has been designed for anyone looking to buy a Bloom highchair, of get more information before deciding whether to buy a Baby Bloom highchair or another manufacturers offering of highchair.

What is the Bloom highchair?

It’s a baby highchair by Fresco. It is at the top end of costs for a baby’s highchair,a nd with the price comes a high quality chair that is super-sized and comes with a stainless steel tray and FDA approved plastic materials.

What are the features of a Bloom highchair?Baby highchair

  • Super-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray
  • FDA food-grade plastic and stainless steel trays; removable and dishwasher-safe
  • 360° swivel
  • Rigid centre T-bar strut for maximum strength and stability
  • Push-button, quick-release shoulder harness points allows pads and harness to be changed quickly


What are the good points of the Bloom highchair?

It looks great. It has a stylish design. It doesn’t take up too much space. In comparison to a lot of other baby highchairs, this one looks a lot more stylish, and would look better in your dining room than a lot of other highchairs.

It’s got a pedestal design. This is a great design, because when you have a toddler wandering around, excess chair legs can be a hindrance. They are hazards which your baby can trip on. Because highchairs don’t tend to be as heavy as regular dining chairs, this means that not only are they trip hazards – they are also topple hazards.

The Baby Bloom HighChair is also comfortable. This is important with any highchair, as keeping your child in one can be a struggle at the best of times – if it’s uncomfortable, it’s even more difficult and less practical. Luckily, the baby bloom highchair isn’t uncomfortable, which means your child should be able to sit in it for the duration of the meal time.

What are the bad points of the Bloom highchair?

There is one major fault that the Baby Bloom highchair has – it has nooks inside the design which mean that food can get dropped (and will get dropped – children are messy eaters) and stuck inside the cushioning in the chair. This can lead to mould, so it’s a potential hazard.

Because of the small gaps in the cushion, this is also quite a difficult highchair to clean. The Baby Bloom should be easier to clean – after all, it’s designed for babies and toddlers; all products should be easy to clean when the users are only between 6 months and two years old.

The Baby Bloom is also very highly priced. Compared to competitors, it is expensive, and some might argue that the quality doesn’t justify the cost.

Should I buy a Bloom highchair?

The Baby Bloom highchair is a high quality, but expensive piece of baby equipment. It is a large size, which is necessary as the cost prohibits buying a chair as your child gets older.


Super-sized, adjustable feeding tray and second play tray, 360° swivel