Baby Walker Reviews

Baby Walker Reviews

In this article we are going to cover the basic features of baby walker which are used to help  babies to walk around you home and increase their lower body strength. Over the next few months we intend review many different baby walkers to help parents decide which walker is the best for their baby.

A Baby walker is  ideal for babies upwards of about five months old. They allow babies to wheel themselves around with their feet and they keep babies entertained. Though not an essential purchase for a baby, a baby walker is a great item to get if you can spare the money and want to keep your little one entertained and interactive.

A baby walker is, put simply, a frame on wheels which you can strap your baby into. The child can then walk or move themselves using their feet. Baby walker reviews are great for babies who can’t yet walk as it allows them to use their feet and be mobile.

All the time they will be held up by the walker and supported by the straps so they will be safe from falling over.

What is a Baby Walker For?

Baby Walker First Steps by VTech

A lot of baby walkers have toys or play stations attached, this is so the baby can walk but also entertain themselves at the same time.

Some of the baby walker reviews you will notice that features vary due to the different shapes and size they come.

They keep babies active and interested with minimum input from the parent. They’re ideal if you want to keep baby entertained while you’re busy.

Basic baby walkers are simply frames with wheels. They also have safety straps so your baby will be secure.

Baby Walker Features

However, most bay walkers have a number of other features, they are for safety, entertainment and decoration. Check them out below.

  • Safety features to prevent the baby from banging into walls or falling down stairs, such as locking wheels, friction strips and rubber stoppers
  • Attached tray
  • Attached toys
  • Padded seat
  • Collapsible baby walker for ease of storage and transportation
  • Adjustable seat
  • Wipe clean
  • Bouncing options

How much do Baby Walkers Cost?

When reading baby walker review you will notice that a walker can be  one of the more expensive baby purchases, but for the amount of entertainment they provide and the ease of use they are usually worth it. They tend to range in price from around £20 to over £100.

Red Kite Baby Walker

The average price for a baby walker with a tray or toys attached is around £30 to £40. It’s a great item to ask for as a baby shower or birthday present as it is not an essential but it is great fun and very useful. Look out for our best baby walkers to find a wide range of prices.

Do Baby Walkers Help Babies Learn How to Walk?

It used to be believed that putting your child in a baby walker did help them learn to walk as they mimicked the walking motion. However, recent studies have found that this is not true; babies can’t see their feet in baby walkers or place them properly on the floor.

Benefits of Baby Walkers

While it’s been found that baby walkers don’t help babies learn how to walk, there are many other benefits of baby walkers.

  • Movement – Baby walkers are used for babies who can’t quite walk yet. This means that the baby has the illusion of walking without actually being able to. It allows them to be mobile and get around the house or room with ease. Look at our baby walker reviews to find the best baby movement walker.
  • Entertainment – As well as allowing them to move, which keeps babies entertained for a long time, most baby walkers also come with an activity station or toys attached. At the very least they usually have trays on the front which you can place toys on.Tidlo Baby Walker
  • These keep the child entertained while they’re on the move. Also, if they want to be still for a while, they can stop and play with the toys. This makes baby walkers very versatile toys for young children.
  • Help for parents – A baby walker is ideal for a child of busy parents. A baby walker can keep children entertained for a long time, what with the movement and the interactive toys. This means that you can get on with work or any chores you need to do while the child entertains themselves. Just make sure the child is always somewhere in your eyesight.

These are important ways that babies learn, along with watching other people walk and copying them. Baby walkers are still great toys for young children; they let them be mobile while keeping them entertained, but don’t rely on them to teach your child how to walk.

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