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On 04/04/2013
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With your very own handy baby heartbeat monitor, you don’t have to wait until your prenatal appointments to hear the soothing sounds of your unborn baby’s heartbeat.

With the well-named Angelsounds Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor, you can put your mind at ease anytime you begin to feel anxious.

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What’s in the box ?

baby heartbeat monitor box

  • AngelSounds Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor
  • Headphones
  • Recording cable
  • 9v Battery
  • Instruction Manual

Just apply the gel to the lower region of your stomach, gently and slowly, move the  baby heartbeat monitor around, stopping every 1 cm or so, to give the unit a chance to pick up on the echo.

The added advantage is that you have the option to record the heartbeat of your baby. This is a great feature on the Angelsounds unit, as the heartbeat playback can have a dramatic impact on calming your baby.

Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor Review

For the busy Dads to be, they can also benefit as you can record the sounds of your baby moving around, kicking, the sounds of their tiny hiccups and all the other sounds that mothers hear, and fathers miss. They can all be recorded letting you both relax at the end of the night, and enjoy listening to your unborn go about their day, knowing their growing healthily.

Good Points about the Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor

  • Ability to record
  • Loud volumes on the headphones
  • Easy to use
  • Use with any baby oil
  • Peace of mind guaranteed

For anyone who has had difficulty during previous pregnancies  the ability to rest your anxiousness is something you can’t put a price on. It lets you relax knowing that your baby is growing perfectly normally, they’ve a normal heartbeat, hiccups, kicking and all the other movements you’d expect.

baby heartbeat monitor

When you don’t get those important signals, it can become quite worrying. It can also become an obsession, so you’re best to limit the times you use it, as you could very well find yourself raising your anxiety. Once every few days is plenty to know that your baby is safe. For the other times, you don’t have to use the oil and try to find the babys heartbeat. Simply playback the recording from your last use, and you’ll feel your mind calm.

Bad Points of Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor

  • It can take a few tries to trace the heartbeat
  • Quite unclear instructions
  • Other baby heartbeat monitors can be expensive
  • The product doesn’t always come with the gel, so if you’re planning to use it right away, don’t rely on the gel being included. You can use baby oil, but either order some gel separately or have some baby oil on hand to use the unit. Quite a few customers have complained about the gel not being supplied.
  • It’s known to pick up on interference, so you’ll need to turn off wireless routers, mobile phones and other devices, to ensure you get a good sound quality

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The first few times you use a baby heartbeat monitor, it can be quite a nerve-wracking experience if you can’t pick up any sound. When this happens, you have to be very patient and slowly move the ultrasound around your lower abdomen, until you find exactly where your baby is, and then you’ll hear the sound of their little hearts beating. baby heartbeat monitor  from Angelsound fetal heart detector

That can sometimes take over 5 minutes, and it’s probably going to be feeling a lot longer than that. Just expect it and keep persevering as even at your prenatal appointments, using the best ultrasound equipment you can get, is still going to take a wee while to pick up the sound.

The only other thing with the Angelsounds baby heartbeat monitor is that it’s made in China and the instructions can be a bit confusing to understand, although it is straightforward to use. Little cautions, as obvious as they are like “do not use near flammable anaesthetics” while it doesn’t make sense, you’ll know it’s using ultrasound technology and not to plug it in near anything that’s flammable.

As for the expense of baby heartbeat monitors, there are some models that give a far more complex variety of sounds and perhaps even digitally enhanced images, of your unborn baby. You don’t really need anything like that though. The sound of your babys heartbeat and knowing he/she is moving around is plenty of knowledge to leave you with a calm mind, knowing everything is perfectly normal.

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While prices can go into the 3 figures on some baby heartbeat monitors, the average cost of an ultrasound unit for the home, is cheap in comparison.

As indications on price:

  • Baby heartbeat monitor Boots best price: £29.00
  • Baby heartbeat monitor Argos best price: £28.99
  • Angelsounds Fetal Doppler heartbeat monitor, best price: £22.87 click here to buy it

The key difference is that for the price of the Angelsounds monitor, you do actually get to hear the sound of your babys heartbeat. Unlike some other models, such as the Lindam baby heartbeat monitor, which does come in a little cheaper, however other reviewers have expressed some serious concerns of not being able to hear the babys heartbeat as long as 28 weeks into their pregnancy. baby heartbeat monitor

While the baby heartbeat monitor from Boots, would appear to be the best price, it’s a model that’s only useful 21 weeks into your pregnancy. By that time, you’ll probably know everything’s fine with your baby and it’s often the earlier weeks, you’ll need that reassurance. The Angelsounds baby heartbeat monitor gives you that, as it works as early as 9 weeks into your pregnancy.


There isn’t anything that’s quite like having the peace of mind, and reassurance that you’re babys heartbeat is healthy, stable and balanced, right from the very early stages in your pregnancy. The prenatal sounds of your babys heartbeat, hiccups, kicking and other sounds of movement, combined with the recording ability, lets both you and your partner enjoy the peace of mind together.

Baby HeartBeat Monitor Front View


Letting you relax and listen to the sounds of your unborn baby together. Add that to the capabilities of transferring the sounds onto your PC or laptop, to share the experience with others, is something that even a soon to be grandma can take comfort in hearing. It’s all made possible with the technology of the Angelsounds Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor.

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