Baby Monitor Reviews

When you’re shopping online, a great way to tell if you’re getting the best baby monitors for your needs, is to use the baby monitor reviews that are online. They’re helpful to let you know the ups and downs to each of the baby monitors you’re considering.

Baby Monitor Reviews

Whether it’s for an Angelcare, or a BT baby monitor, you can be sure that there’s other parents purchased the units before, and those baby monitor reviews, help you to decide which model is right for you.

Baby Monitor Reviews

All our baby monitor reviews are extensively researched, collated into one easy to use site, and aim to assist you finding the best baby monitoring equipment for your needs.

As an example, with the BT baby monitor, you’ll find that while there’s a catalogue of different models, the BT plus, and the BT 1000 are the more distinguished models. The first of the series is the BT 100 and 150. As more studies and consumer research was carried out, there’s more technology gone into the updated baby monitors. That’s something many of the baby monitor reviews highlight.

The more research that’s gone into the design and manufacturing of the units, the better they perform.

Range and Distance of your Baby Monitor

One of the key features you will want to consider among all our baby monitors reviews is the range of each of them. With the Tomy baby monitor being the most reliable for long distance range, and the Leapfrog baby monitor tending to struggle with some of the older Victorian houses, which have a thicker wall structure, the baby monitor reviews will indicate how each model performs in terms of the range they cover.

Look for the out of range alarm as older houses, with a thick internal wall structure, struggle to meet the range expectations.Baby Monitor Reviews

The frequency or amount of channels you get included as well as whether there’s an auto-select function is also an important area to look at. The Tomy baby monitor has the most channels to select from, and it will auto-select the best frequency to give you a crystal clear transmission. Other brands, like the Angelcare  monitor, don’t give you as many channels, but still manage to excel in other areas.

What to look for in a Baby Monitor

Some are useful whereas others are more a hindrance.

Therefore, you’re best to consider everything you need your unit to do. Some people find that having a soothing lullaby player or an MP3 player is handy for calming your baby down while you’re on your way upstairs. Others may find that the mute function, or at least having the ability to control the volume is a feature that would make the best baby monitors for them. It’s dependent upon individual requirements, but the baby monitor reviews will give you an insight into the best one for you.

You’ll also find that a range of the baby monitors are extendable too.

Baby Monitor Reviews These are often baby video monitors that let you see how your baby is doing in real-time. As your child grows, you can extend the baby monitors to have cameras in different locations around your home. Many of the video baby monitor reviews indicate these are extremely handy for when your baby becomes a toddler and starts to move around the house. You can simply use the portable parent unit to see and hear everything your child is up to, anytime you need to know.

Some of the more technical baby monitors reviews indicate that the remote functions on the parent units are indispensible to parents. With these baby monitors, you can

  • Control camera angles
  • Sounds
  • Lights
  • Night light
  • Lullabies

…and a range of other features built into the units.

Have a look through our range of baby monitor reviews, taking note of the features, benefits, and difficulties for each of the different units, to select the best baby monitor for your needs.